I have met with half a dozen Domestic Disciplinarians but I can confidently say that Miss Chris is the best. When I first met Miss Chris, she was beautifully dressed in 1950’s attire and I quickly became aware of her charming and charismatic personality. As we talked her congenial attitude immediately allowed me to feel at ease in describing my spanking experience, needs, and wants. Miss Chris fully understands the life of someone with a spanking fetish so her empathy and experience is uniquely beneficial in defining the best playing scenario. All previous meetings with Domestic Disciplinarians took place in a hotel room using whatever furniture is available and never knowing who can hear in adjacent rooms. Meeting with Miss Chris is at her house that is beautifully decorated with antique decor. The collection of antique furniture seems like it was purposely selected for allowing one’s body to be ideally positioned for maximum spanking results. I have always requested a severe spanking but only one previous Domestic Disciplinarian ever came close to meeting that request. Miss Chris had no trouble meeting the severity level I requested, next time I meet with Miss Chris I’ll be more careful in what I ask for. It is truly a pleasure meeting Miss Chris; she is genuinely a lovely person, both in her appearance and in who she is.

Sincerely, MD,
March 2021

MD from Socal