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Happy Swat-tober

Hello fellow Spankaholics, or so you will hear on the Spanko! Podcast being released on Friday October 28th! Come join me as I am the 'special guest' with the lovely folks over at MDSS (Metro Detroit Spanking Society, MI). This first part is approximately 30 minutes long, and is being separated by the more intense part of the interview which will be released shortly thereafter, assumably at ep0061 when it comes out. You can find the first part here:

I had such a blast with my friends from MDSS. Some of them go way back to the very beginning, 14-15 years ago! There was a group of give or take, 6-9 of us sitting in the living room just chatting about spanking, in particular some of my many stories I have over the last 15 or so years I've been doing this. These podcasts are very revealing and a somewhat intimate look into some of my own beginnings and challenges I've had. I really hope you enjoy them.


I have a very special fellow Little House on the Prairie fan, and we've played around a little bit not too seriously with a Little House role play between Mrs. Ingalls and Willie Oleson in the past. But this last June in the Chicago area, we were presented with a very unique opportunity to film a sequel, only this time we would go all out! Retro costumes down to the spat and bloomer, 4K filming equipment, rustic lodging, and a role play only we could come up with! Well, this 2 minute trailer is from the 8+ minute clip on my website now for sale! You can find the full clip here, but enjoy this trailer in the meantime:


Sadly, my last APEX class was cancelled due to poor weather and downed power lines in early October. But the show must go on, so APEX has kindly rescheduled me now to November 28 at 7pm. I'll be teaching on Female Led Domestic Discipline Relationships and Power Dynamics. I'm even more excited to do this class here at APEX since reworking it a bit after the last class. Come enjoy a night of spankucation at APEX for all of $8 (members only, but orientation is avail before the class).

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Swat-tober, and will have an equally wonderful Spanksgiving!


Miss Chris

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