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I am a 32yr old heterosexual man that gained his obsession with spanking and the ass generally as a result of his mother and the disciplinary regimen she enforced upon me from the age of 7-15



The spanking scene on the whole seems to have lots of fish tale tellers or straight imposters- I am neither, and have to admit that I fucking haaaated it as a child- It was definitely abusive but Im very blessed to posess a mind and hesrt that got over any sorta negative shit looong ago and I am genuinely grateful for the way things went or I'd be missing a large part of my sexual identity, willpower and perseverance, etc


When I got my first girlfriend, we had a chat one night about what turns us on and I was too ashamed and confused to speak words that conveyed the message... The cross-country team captain was much more eloquent and knew what she wanted- stripped, laid over the arm of the couch and assured me she wasnt made of glass-

Her and most of my female peers over the next couple years allowed me to even out the scorecard my mother left lol... It was only after about 12 years I began to yearn for that motherly hand...