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When I think of breathtaking experiences three things come to mind.

1. Accepting Christ for the first time.

2. Miss Chris's hand spanking (and whipping skills.)

3. The day I birthed my daughter.

These three things take my breath away everytime I think about them, I find my heart racing with such passion, a smile creeps upon my face, a tear flows from my eyes, down my cheek, and pure admiration sends chills down my spine.

Let's focus on number 2, standing in front of Miss Chris for the first time will always be a memorable moment, and I was only meeting her for the 1st time to attend her Halloween party, and my heart skipped several beats, such energy and passion, but I didn't experience how much energy she carried until years later when she became my "DomiNutrix" and my "Ma'am", another unforgettable moment, I remember shuddering because of her compassionate and intense energy filling the room, I was literally in a daze, she applied lotion to my ashy bottom lol, her hands were like silk, when she rested it upon my right cheek, it was like the perfect weight, but then you realize what's about to happen and you ask yourself "what have I done", too late to abort the mission, because that perfectly weighted hand is now lifting and landing, but even that is amazingly beautiful, perfect all around, no spots missed, no side more tan than the other side, she is perfectly roasting your buns, it's honestly a mesmerizing experience, I must admit! Haha. I think I actually pouted when she was finished Haha

She's passionate about everything she touches and makes sure that she perfects it before putting her stamp of approval anywhere, whether it's your ass or her products ❤ know that it is everlasting and made from the heart.

That type of craftsmanship/Leadership is hard to find and should be protected at all costs.

I love you Miss Chris!

Astrid Jones


There is no need to be afraid. Sure, you've been interested in this for awhile, but for some reason haven't taken the first step. You could sit there and dream about someday or you could take action, be brave and book that first session.

If you're seeking someone highly skilled and experienced who can craft a scene how you want it, come see Miss Chris.

If you need to learn more about proper implement use and scene dynamics, come see Miss Chris.

If you need someone to listen and understand you but not put up with your bullshit, come see Miss Chris.

I have known Miss Chris for four years now and through that time we've had our shares of ups and downs, as humans do when navigating life. However, she has still stuck with me and has given me opportunities and tools to address conflict and express my needs. For that, I'm thankful.

I have seen her mentor others new to the scene and have witnessed such fire and passion that you can't help but hang on every word.

When it comes to a session she has ample amounts of toys to pick from to leave a to-your-preference impression on your backside. Trust in her experience and expertise to use what's right for you.

I've had a lot of learning and growing to do over the years, and no doubt still have more to come and I'm thankful for the opportunity to do it in her presence, receiving her warmth, kindness, love, scolds and stinging swats. Who knows, maybe someday this stubborn mule will start to listen? ;)

Whether you choose to embark on this journey of self discovery with Miss Chris or another, do yourself a favor a don't delay! Sometimes we wait so long for something that we miss our chance to be free in our authenticity. All we have is now. So, what are you waiting for?

Steven B


I had been scouting out and trying to learn as much about Miss Chris since I first learned about her in 2019. After all, I had never hired a professional spanker before, and only had minor play experience with some friends who spanked casually. But I couldn't help myself - I really wanted to try a premium experience and be spanked by someone who made her living in the field.

I got that and so, so much more.

Visiting her and her BnB overnight was not just a fun trip, it was a life changing experience. I learned so much about myself and this amazing kink we share that I am a different and better person for it. My only regret is that I couldn't afford to stay for an entire week!

If you have a chance to spend some time with her (or over her lap) I highly, highly recommend it. There is literally nothing else like it. She is an absolute master of her craft, and an extremely kind and caring soul who will take care of you along the entire journey.

I will absolutely be hiring her services again in the future, and I highly recommend you give her a chance too if you're able to.

JS Lawrence


I have had the privilege of sessions a couple of times in the Seattle area. She is the best! I took several hundred strokes of the strap (various types) and the marking and bruising was quite minimal. She can be the disciplinarian aunt to me anytime!

DaDa Smith


I was nervous at first, but Miss Chris sat me down and asked what I needed to be punished for, on top of being late to my session, I told her my reasons and she proceeded to tell me that I will be punished for being late before my punishment even began. She made me bend over she hiked up my shorts and gave me 15 licks with the paddle!!My bottom was on fire, I instantly felt like a little boy, she scooted her chair back and pointed to her knee. Her dominance is UNMATCHED!!!! She proceeded to start off over my shorts, and took me by surprise, se proceeded to spank me and pulled down my shorts, classic embarrassment. IF YOU NEED TO BE PUT IN YOUR PLACE, PAY MISS CHRIS A VISIT ASAP!!!

Thomas L. Bruns


Oh, where to begin? I think I'll start with saying that she wasn't my first pro-domme, but she is the best. I chose her for the disciplinarian spanking and I didn't regret my choice...well, actually I did regret it, but I needed it.

She's witty, absolutely gorgeous (taken, unfortunately), and has a devastating smile that could light up Phoenix should the power fail. She's thoughtful, kind, and easy to confide in...until she isn't. Then she is harsh, cruel, and has an arm a prop baseball player would envy. She said that her hand was the weakest tool in her arsenal--don't believe it. That hand hurts!

It was everything I needed. I was restrained, spanked hard with a variety of instruments, and had a rag stuffed in my mouth at some point (I yelp a lot). I was ready to stop after the OTK session with the paddle, but I wasn't given the option of stopping (to be clear, that's what was negotiated). It went on and on. My butt was never not on fire and in severe pain. She scolds like a well, pro. I became erect from the scolding it was so realistic (and just what I had fantasized about hearing from the woman whose place she took in role-playing mode). Trust me, the erection vanished quickly when her hairbrush took over. It hurt, I hated it, and I felt well and truly punished wheni was over. Very emotional experience for me.

Thank you so much, Miss Chris! It was an experience I must repeat.



What I like about working with Miss Chris is besides being spanked with her pervertable implements, but her genuine smile, accepting, honesty, wisdom, realness, and always taking the time to talk before bending over. She goes above and beyond! A year into exploring and learning about BDSM and beyond. I have learned more about myself and who I am since taking the step in contacting Miss Chris. My past visit really opened my eyes on somethings for me personally. We all are twisted humans some sort of way and have a story. Im happy my twisted mind found Miss Chris because through her and others in my life right now. I am the happiest I have ever been in life and loving it because of the support and willingness given!



Miss Chris is absolutely the most genuine and knowledgeable spanker you could ever hope to meet!
She will take the time to understand your spanking needs, and, you can totally trust her to take you to the headspace you need to reach!
Rather you want to achieve a light and playful scene or take a truly intense spanking, she is fantastic!
Thank you Miss Chris for being such a fabulous disciplinarian!



I’ve been in Miss Chris’s coaching program for four months and plan to continue with her for the longest time possible.

The first time I knew about Miss Chris was when I was watching the doctors tv show. Suddenly something clicked in my mind, and I felt that I finally found what I had been looking for my entire life. My life had been very chaotic, and I was looking for more structure, accountability, and self-discipline. I did more detailed research about the services Miss Chris offers.

While I do have absolute respect for people in the BDSM community, I identify as a vanilla type of person, and I can’t usually relate to a lot of the kinky stuff. For that reason, I wasn’t sure if this would be a good fit for me. However, the first time I met with Miss Chris, all my concerns were put to rest, and I learned that she works with many people like me.

As a person from a different culture and background, I was astonished by the respect and understanding that Miss Chris showed for my beliefs and hard limits. Confidentiality was my main concern, and soon enough, I learned that this is something that Miss Chris masters. Also being a scientist myself, I was impressed by how much Miss Chris knows about things from a scientific and psychological perspective. Not to mention her outstanding ability to deal with people on the dominant side of a personality like myself. She outpowered me in a very uplifting and non derogatory yet very stern way that left me with no options but to listen to what she says. She has a unique combination of firmness and kindness. You feel scared of her yet very safe too!

Miss Chris is also equipped with excellent life coaching skills to guide you to get on the right path. Don’t get me wrong; you’ll still fear her more than anyone else. She’ll consistently hold you accountable without missing any single detail.

Although Miss Chris is very well known and works with many people from everywhere, she still makes you feel that you are her only client. She is dedicated to her job like no one else.
If you’ve come to her website wondering if you should contact her, just do it; you will be in good hands.

Charles from the Midwest


It's been over five years since I last posted a testimonial praising Miss Chris as a spanker and disciplinarian. Since then I have settled into a routine that allow me to visit Miss Chris on a monthly basis, and I am one very happy bottom.

It's not just that Miss Chris spanks so well, as it is that she goes out of her way to get to know the individual's proclivities and the special needs of those she sessions with.

In other can have it your way. Up to a point!

Role play with Miss Chris is like mana from heaven. There have been countless sessions in which the role play went from bad boy with mommy/aunt, to Victorian, Edwardian, and 50's type of domestic discipline. Miss Chris has a wardrobe to match just about anyone's interests.

And don't even get me started on her implements. In all my years as a spanko (over 40) I have seen only one collection larger than hers, and it was in a space four times larger than her very comfortable place. The collection of 'toys' Miss Chris has to administer the type of corporal punishment most anyone could desire can be found in her 'disciplinary cottage', and every time I visit with her she uses something new on me. I don't think we will ever get through them all, although I'm certainly willing to try.

One final comment about Miss Chris. She is a big believer in the 3 C's of what it is we do. Communication. Consent. And Confidentiality.

Thank you Miss Chris for your continuing great sessions, I can't wait to be over your lap again. Soon!



My session with Miss Chris was nothing short of amazing. She was able to meet me where I was at with my experience level and needs, and used those details to create a fun and incredibly memorable roleplay. This was my first time ever hiring a professional to spank me, and Miss Chris was able to ease my nervousness and answer any and all questions that I had before our session.

One particular aspect to my spanking fetish that is deeply personal to me is creativity. I love to write and act not only in my personal life, but through spanking as well. I was astounded at how well Miss Chris was able to get me into a middle headspace and to feel like I was living out the roleplay with her. She was so much fun to play off of as an actress as our emotions flew high... Before I even went over her knee I was in tears; this is something I have never experienced in my life with a spanking partner and it was incredibly fulfilling.

Throughout the spanking, all while scolding and weaving the story that I had prompted her with during our negotiations, she was able to gauge how I was feeling and checked in with me without breaking my headspace. Once the spanking was over and aftercare was administered, I was so happy and light, no doubt from the endorphins, but also from just how much fun I had playing with Miss Chris. I was so impressed with her ability to navigate negotiations, the scene, aftercare, and back to the real world again.

A huge thanks to Miss Chris and the lovely session. I will definitely book her again!



I have booked and received training in Mild to Massaging spanking and wanted anyone reading my testimony to know, it was more than i could ever expect. Miss Chris is very professional and helped me feel very comfortable. I was very glad i got over, "cold feet" and received the training. After i left, i was thinking how wonderful she was that i turned back around to give her a tip. I have already booked another session with her and eager to continue my training for 6 months till i have a grasp at spanking.



I finally had the good fortune to meet Miss Chris and can certainly validate all the positive feedback expressed by others. having played seriously for over 3 decades I can assure you that She is a rare gem, top class both as a person and as a knowledgeable disciplinarian. They say \" Be careful what you ask for\" well it\'s very appropriate here...the discipline is very, very REAL and you will get exactly what you request so keep that in mind. My tolerance is higher than most based on considerable past experience but I have never reached the levels Miss Chris took me to this weekend...extended weekend sessions produce a very sensitive bottom and her subsequent hand spankings will make you respond just like you were a naughty 10 yr old. For the purists, I would highly recommend Miss Chris and for those who wish to begin their journey to DD heaven, She is the One!

B from Midwest


If I were to steal a quote from a movie, it would be “It was nice to meet you. Surreal, but nice” from Notting Hill. But nice doesn’t even begin to describe the magical time spent with you. It was definitely surreal though. Why does it always seem time flies too fast when you want it to stop? It went way too fast and I didn’t want it to end. I still struggle at putting a concrete thought together about it. Certain words fly through my mind when thinking about how to describe you.


Somehow, you have this incredible ability to be all of that all at once. It escapes me how you do it and I can only chalk it up to it’s just You. The wonderful, amazing, beautiful You.

Yes, I gave you a lot of information. Yes, I let you peek inside the fortress I’ve built around myself. But, somehow, aside from all of that, it seemed you knew better than I did what I needed. I couldn’t have scripted it better. And I didn't want to. I wanted you to do exactly what you did. I wanted you to know who I am, what I thought I needed and from that, determine what you felt I needed. And you did. Better than I ever could have. When I think about the time with you, it just feels warm. Like being wrapped in the softest, warmest blanket. Just this wonderful, loving, warmth. And I’m not talking about the heat radiating off my bottom after you spanked me. That wasn’t just warm, that was fiery hot. But you passed the test. The test I didn’t even realize I was giving you until weeks later when I started really trying to sort through my thoughts on meeting you. You showed me, in that short time with you, that you could be trusted. That I would be safe in your care. Safe with you. Not an easy accomplishment with me, but after that time with you, I was certain that you’d never do harm. Set my bottom on fire, yes, but harm, no.

You provided a safe environment, where I was free to be me and I felt comfortable enough to confess something I was feeling guilty about. You were so nurturing, yet you have this air about you that just commands respect. But how you are and how you treated me, makes me want to give you that respect more than anything.

Others have mentioned in their testimonials that meeting you was life-changing. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I cannot stop thinking about it. And it’s not even the spanking that I need the most. Don’t get me wrong, I need that like air, but it’s feeling accepted, it’s being around someone who seems to get me, it’s the hugs I can’t get enough of, it's the gentle voice, it’s hearing you’re proud of me, it’s not wanting to disappoint you. Somehow you made me want to be better even after just that short time together. I don’t want to falter, I don’t want to make mistakes, but I know I will. Never on purpose, but I know me too well to know they won’t happen. I’m hoping that I’ll find myself in your presence again, you’ll correct the poor behavior and help me breathe again. I’ll repay you with complete honesty, respect and acceptance of your discipline. Somehow, that doesn’t seem enough for all that you provide.

What you provide is like confession, but without the creepy closet. And it cleanses the soul in a way Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s never could.

Pierre from Montreal


"Enjoyed my stay with you and the spankings lavished with calm, method and vigor.

Attached are two of the photos taken after the last spanking. *first pic is of MC's hand* *second pic is of Pierre's red bottom*

It's a bit of a story of an immaculate and shy butt looking for a vigorous and adventurous hand. The two photos show that the first found the second and both of them blushed with pain and pleasure."



I must say that I had one of my most awesome spanking experiences in a recent session with Miss Chris. You can really tell when a woman cares about this kind of \"work\". Miss Chris listens, has a keen attention to detail, and boy does she deliver. After a substantial hand warm-up she peppered my back side with a variety of implements (wood my favorite) and had me wiggling in blissful agony. \n\nHer pace and control of the scene was masterful and she challenged my tolerance in a very measured, experienced, way that allowed me to take one of the best thrashings I have ever received.\n\nI must also say that she is a beautiful Lady with the kind of legs that you dream about going over.\n\nI would be seeing her for regular maintenance if I was closer geographically. As it is I hope to catch her whenever I can on her or my travels. Don¢t miss an opportunity to have her tan your hide if you get the chance



I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Chris and the session far exceeded my expectations! She is a wonderful person and disciplinarian. She took me to edge of my pain tolerance which ended up being a very exhilirating experience. I really hope to meet her again and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to experience something truly out of the ordinary!



I finally had the good fortune to meet Miss Chris and can certainly validate all the positive feedback expressed by others. having played seriously for over 3 decades I can assure you that She is a rare gem, top class both as a person and as a knowledgeable disciplinarian. They say \" Be careful what you ask for\" well it\'s very appropriate here...the discipline is very, very REAL and you will get exactly what you request so keep that in mind. My tolerance is higher than most based on considerable past experience but I have never reached the levels Miss Chris took me to this weekend...extended weekend sessions produce a very sensitive bottom and her subsequent hand spankings will make you respond just like you were a naughty 10 yr old. For the purists, I would highly recommend Miss Chris and for those who wish to begin their journey to DD heaven, She is the One!

Tracy from SOCAL


Miss Chris provided me with the tools to turn abstract ideas into concrete goals with an action plan for implementing them. Her services assisted me to address issues related to health, overall well being and career; all in a nonjudgmental supportive, environment. She encouraged and challenged me while allowing for flexibility to make adjustments as needed. I can’t say enough about what a positive life transforming process this has been. I am so grateful for her guidance and support and I would highly recommend her services.



Booked a session (12-29-07) for an hour. Miss Chris has a few choice soft leather floggers which have a moderate sting and loud cracks with a \"semi-hard\" force applied to its target. After being restrained upon her bench, face down with a pillow under my hips, she then administered a long, forceful flogging with many repetitions. Soon afterwards, I noticed some drops of sweat bouncing off my secured leg which meant she was really getting into \'her workout\'. No doubt about it, Miss Chris took me to my sub space and kept me there, proceeding to torture me with her flogger for a good hour. At the end, my butt had the resemblance of a raw hamburger look with the inner \'hot\' feeling of pain that a sub appreciates.\n\nI could tell the chemistry was \"right on\" during the session as I enjoyed her flogging and she had no hesitance in her administration--and this was our first encounter! Moreover, she does not smoke (or I did not smell any sense of it).\n\nAlso, Miss Chris is not a clock watcher and actually went over a good 15 minutes to my time chart.\nI would recommend Miss Chris to those who have a high pain tolerance because of her stamina. She is quite \'athletically fit\' and attractive in person. :)

Dr Brian


If you’re looking for a disciplinarian that will help you heal harmful childhood experiences, Miss Chris has no equal. Not only will she spank you exactly however you like it and however hard you like it, she will nurture the little boy or little girl in you, giving them the reassurance they’ve been desperate for their whole life that mommy will alway be there for them. At the end of our first session, my tush was bruised and bleeding from three spankings over the course of an hour and a half (progressing from hand, to paddle, to strap; all on the bare). My soul, however, has begun to heal as Miss Chris also took me to a place of bliss, peace and safety as she caressed my face and spoke tender, loving words to my heart after each spanking. Her ability to stay with you mentally and emotionally through whatever scene you’re wishing to experience is extraordinary. She is truly one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.

Jack from Escondito


I have been into consensual adult spanking for more than 30 years, first with a quasi-vanilla spouse and then with 7 professional disciplinarians. Although the professionals were, well, "professional", and good at what they did, I could never quite get exactly what I wanted over all that time. With my spousem I was getting the right intensity but not the right duration (too short, in other words). With the professionals, it was the opposite: long enough but not intense enough because the tempo was too slow. Then I went to see Miss Chris (the 8th professional) for a corporal punishment session. Well! It was incredibly amazing. I sent her some detailed emails in advance to try to explain exactly what I wanted and she totally delivered. It really was perfect, she gave me what I had wanted for more than 30 years and had never been able to get. The scenario involved an imaginary drunk-driving boy friend. She scolded me to perfection, put me over her knee for a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking, then bent me over some pillows for the belt, strap and paddle. No safeword. Then back over her knee again for a second hairbrush spanking. Miss Chris also has a thorough and deep understanding of how the skin on bottoms reacts to spanking, so although I ended up fire-engine red with a very sore bottom, there was practically no skin breakage, just a little bit of leaking plasma. It\'s been my experience that Miss Chris is better at what she does than anyone else I\'ve ever encountered.



I had the opportunity to meet with Miss Chris in Phoenix last week. It was an amazing experience, and one I will be repeating at my first opportunity.

I have seen quite a few professional disciplinarians, and have enjoyed each session. As my interests have evolved, I have begun to focus mostly on seeking a genuine feeling punishment experience. One that will leave both my backside and my ego bruised. One where the anticipation and memory are amazing, but while it’s happening I question whether I will make it through with at least some of my composure in tact. From the instant I met Miss Chris and shook her hand, the old saying “be careful what you ask for because you may just get it” came to mind.

We set the appointment for two hours so we wouldn’t feel rushed. We had discussed two scenes with sort of a “show and tell” in between. The first scene was to be domestic in nature. When I was 14, I avoided a spanking I deserved, so we would be turning back time to ensure justice was served. The second scene was a more formalized corporal punishment. Both would be harsh, as I had requested.

And just like that, the 14 year old version of me was standing in front of Mrs. T (my should have been spanker way back then) embodied in MIss Chris and I was about to get the spanking of my life. The scolding made it hard to look into her eyes, which she promptly remedied by grabbing my chin and forcing me to maintain eye contact as I was told I was about to be soundly spanked and then have my mouth washed out with soap for lying.

I have been over quite a few disciplinarians’ knees, but I have never been over the knee of someone as physically formidable as Miss Chris. It felt genuine (I usually feel too big for the position). She wasted no time in lowering my pants but allowed me to keep some modesty by not lowering my underwear until I was over the knee. She then promptly started spanking fast and hard while continuing to scold. As we had discussed I was seeking, it was the longest, hardest hand spanking I have ever received. It HURT, and I have taken many good spankings. Her reputation as a great hand spanker is well deserved. After several minutes, Miss Chris moved on to her brush. I think she saw from my reaction that I was really feeling it, and she seemed to moderate the blows to the point it (thankfully) seemed to hurt less than the hand spanking (probably just a function of being somewhat numb). The spanking continued well past the point I wanted it to stop (a hallmark of a good punishment). I was relieved when it ended, but the relief was short lived as with a tug of my earlobe I was marched over to the sink where a fresh bar of ivory was waiting. Miss Chris explained what was about to happen and why, and directed me to open my mouth, which I finally did after being motivated by some crisp hand spanks. She then thoroughly washed out my mouth. When it finally ended, I had to rinse for a few minutes before the taste and feel of the soap was largely gone. As with the spanking, this was authentic feeling punishment. For the first time I recall, I really appreciated the few minutes of corner time I was given to reflect on things (I usually dislike corner time, but here I needed a few minutes to compose myself). A nearby mirror showed my behind was already very well-spanked, and we were just getting started.

Before the second scene, we had agreed Miss Chris would show me some of her favorite implements and that I’d get to sample them. So, over the end of a sofa I went (on top of some elevating pillows) and she administered 3 - 6 strokes each with a dozen or so canes, straps, and switch-like implements. Some hurt a lot, and some hurt a whole lot. Miss Chris is very, very strong and great at her craft.

The second scene was to be sort of a court-ordered corporal punishment with me completely restrained. We had agreed in advance that this would be “almost real corporal punishment” but not quite the real deal. It would include all of the dread and fear of a full-fledged thrashing, but it would be stopped well before a merciless, true punishment would have been. By agreement, Miss Chris used several different canes. She swung full strength for most strokes, but backed off a bit when she accurately sensed I needed that (something she made clear she will not do if/when I get a true full corporal punishment). At some point, with my butt stinging and burning more than it ever had, I convinced her I had learned my lesson. She explained that if this were real punishment, it would last far longer, and she (not I) would determine when it ended, but she told me I would receive a final 12 hard strokes and then we could call it a day. I took them as stoically as I could, restrained so I could barely move, and felt incredibly relieved when the last searing cane stroke landed. At some point soon I will face a full punishment, and it’s clear to me that Miss Chris will deliver it genuinely and effectively. This was enough for me for now, and experiencing it left me with a calmness that has not yet faded.

About five days have passed, and I still show clear marks but I’m 80% healed. It took me many years to finally meet Miss Chris. I’m thankful our second meeting will happen without much delay.

MD from Socal


I have met with half a dozen Domestic Disciplinarians but I can confidently say that Miss Chris is the best. When I first met Miss Chris, she was beautifully dressed in 1950’s attire and I quickly became aware of her charming and charismatic personality. As we talked her congenial attitude immediately allowed me to feel at ease in describing my spanking experience, needs, and wants. Miss Chris fully understands the life of someone with a spanking fetish so her empathy and experience is uniquely beneficial in defining the best playing scenario. All previous meetings with Domestic Disciplinarians took place in a hotel room using whatever furniture is available and never knowing who can hear in adjacent rooms. Meeting with Miss Chris is at her house that is beautifully decorated with antique decor. The collection of antique furniture seems like it was purposely selected for allowing one’s body to be ideally positioned for maximum spanking results. I have always requested a severe spanking but only one previous Domestic Disciplinarian ever came close to meeting that request. Miss Chris had no trouble meeting the severity level I requested, next time I meet with Miss Chris I’ll be more careful in what I ask for. It is truly a pleasure meeting Miss Chris; she is genuinely a lovely person, both in her appearance and in who she is.



“I contacted Miss Chris because I was looking to modify some behaviors and control issues that were creating a lot of stress in my life. Miss Chris has helped keep me accountable to my goals and commitment to change these behaviors. I find our sessions help me empower myself and refocus on areas I may be struggling. I feel that she is an empathetic listener committed to helping me achieve the changes I want to make happen. For anyone struggling to alter some undesirable behaviors or habits, I would definitely recommend Miss Chris’s coaching and discipline expertise. My stress levels have been reduced significantly with her assistance and support.”

John and Susi


My wife and I have known Miss Chris for over ten years. In those ten years, she has spanked me many times for misbehaviors. My wife was always unhappy and frustrated with my behaviors, she would send me to see her for domestic type discipline. And she did understand my wife's frustrations, well.

Newbie from the Northeast


I took advantage of a recent trip to Phoenix to make an appointment with Miss Chris. While I had been a life long spanko - I had never been spanked before aside from a few swats from my spouse who is understanding but doesn't fully understand my needs. I was very nervous, but when Miss Chris walked in to start the pre-session interview - she was friendly, understanding and wonderful. The session that followed introduced me to all manner of positions and implements - Miss Chris expertly blending instruction and information with fun - and helping me through my very first time! She is amazing in what she can do - and a great person on top of her obvious skills. I'll look forward to seeing her again, and can't recommend her enough!

Mark from Houston


Miss Chris has been on my bucket list of disciplinarians ever since I became aware of her about 2 years ago. I tried to set up a session for Dallas about a year ago but it fell through. I learned that she would be attending the Lone Star Spanking Party 2017 here in Houston so I contacted her to set up a session.

Charles from the Midwest


I have been visiting Miss Chris for several years, and with each visit it keeps getting better. Whether it's a 'role play' session, a fantasy session or the occasions when I just need a good hard bum warming, I can count on Miss Chris to fulfill my spanking needs. There have been times when she has spanked me to the point of tears, crying, and promises to be good 'forever and ever'.

For me, it just can't better than that.

Miss Chris' knows quite well, how to use her collection of hair brushes, paddles, canes, straps and the other tools of her trade, but of all her instruments, not one of them has the impact and intensity of her bare hand. "Ouch", is the only word that comes to mind when I'm over her knee and feeling the sting of her hand on my bare bottom.

I can't wait to see her again!



What can I say. Miss Chis is the best. She can read me like no other. She offers an ability to provide exactly what might be wanted with an ability to draw out what is really needed. I played with her last night at the Lone Star Party and as such was looking for some uniquely stepped up funishment from a dear friend.

Duane in Tucson


I have had the good fortune to experience a total of four Corporal Punishment sessions with Miss Chris. To say that they were wonderful is an understatement - they were "life-changing" experiences.

Dave from Arizona


I have recently had the pleasure of seeing Miss Chris several times this past year and have found these appointments to be very positive and life changing.
Aside from being a fine person... she is an absolute Mistress Of Creative Discipline.
Miss Chris has a very intuitive idea of just what a person wants/needs- this is a tough balancing act- but she does it amazingly well- every time.
I highly recommend Miss Chris to anyone who needs- or wants to- delve into their own inner nature.
You can bet I'll be coming back.
Well Done Miss Chris!

K vin


It was something, meeting Miss Chris. The experience still seems partially surreal, now approaching three weeks later. There's an eathy uniqueness about her demeanor, me having met her only once, though the impression she left was both on my mind and behind. I have truly never as an adult man gotten a whippin' like she gave me. It was delicious. Being over her beautiful lap was a dream acquired privilege. I didnt want to get up. Such a realization of belonging when you know the caring is there. You can feel it in her hand. At least I could. It was nurturing with encouragement, simultaneously upgrading with disciplinary enhancement that resembled a paddle's steadfastness but so humanly astute with affection. Being over her knee was quite personal even though my shirt stayed on and briefs were slid down just enough for her applied concern to find its repetitive landing points. She seems extremely qualified to correct someone. Balanced were occasional reprimands contrasting heavily focused reinforcement licking, that substantiated her calm, instructive verbaliage. In my case I needed some assistance in skipping "junk food." I've been tired of making excuses for my indulgence. Miss Chris administered a whipping that woke me up to a reality my better self welcomed, using a selection of leather items. Seeing her forcing foolishness out of me with my own doubled belt was an honored delight. She made that thing whistle and sing. When she handed it to me i just wanted to hand it back to her...dream ascertained... Her discipline was part correction, with a no-fake nurturing concern, plus informative as she filled me in on history and usage for straps while intensely demonstrating their value. She doesn't seem to need anything from me but I'd like pay her back for really going full force with me. With a friendly casualness, her straightening me out just demanded immediate respect. She had actually told me ahead of time that she was going to give me "the best or worst butt whuppin' you've ever had..." I thought she was, I don't know, just saying that. I didn't know it was genuinely about to happen. No fooling, I still want BBQ chips, Doritos, chili cheese corn chips, pork skins, cheese popcorn, ruffle potato chips, and half a dozen other such products. Amazingly though, I haven't touched any since Miss Chris gave me, I mean a real good spanking I'll never forget. The remnant of the physical impact on my rear end lasted right around fifteen days before entirely dissipating. The hairbrush spanking back over her lap was one of those things like medicine or a not so hot tasting vegetable. You know its good for you so you don't hinder its benefits regardless. If I go on about how I feel about her, it'll seem obnoxious.

Arizona Highland Dragon


This Goddess is Amazing in every shape and form !It is my honor and privlage to know her .She is a true lover of her craft and knows exactly what she is doing and what she wants .You shall be lucky to have time spent with her.Bows eyes lowered to Miss Chris



8 out of 5 stars...... I don't know just absolutely incredible She knows her $#!t!!! Miss Chris #1 made me feel comfortable with what we were about to go venture on, This was my first meeting with her, in all a bit of time was put into getting something put together and for schedules to finally sync, We met at a local coffee type place and from the moment we sat down my fears were quickly gone, her smile the genuine interest she took in what I was looking for, I did however manage to get to see her real close to her b-day and not long after my own, She had suggested that we could use my bottom for her b-day spanking had said I just had mine so maybe combine for a warm up before we get serious about why we are here, thank God she did not hold me to take hers as well, we got to where I was going to be spanked got comfortable down to my shorts got over her wonderful lap and ready for the belated b-day spanking, Miss Chris grabbed my shorts saying I didn't need these and pulled them down and she began I have to say is holy mother of God she was born with a paddle for a hand some number north of 1500 time her hand came down on my Now stinging burning cheeks each slap seemed harder than the ones before and by the end my bottom was smoldering red hot. (Had she held me to taking the spanking for her birthday I might have been reduced to tears) She let me off of her lap and it was time to prepare for what I was there for the meat and potatoes of the spanking talked about the scene then it was go time......I Sware to you when she got into her role and it was on (she even used props for realism) I really felt like I was in trouble and actually had done what I was about to get punished for.......and holy bat crap did she blister my ass first bent over and strapped put in another position for more strapping my ass was on fire this was all too real I was getting my ass beat raw I could not help but cry out owwwww owwwww please no more oww my pleading fell on deff ears she stopped stood me up lectured me to why she was punishing stood me in the corner with my burning bottom out told me just how upset she was with my behavior and by no means was she done with me and accentuated with a couple sharp blows with what was coming next she made me bend over and began to lay into me with another strap and had me again crying out in pain as she let go on my tender burning bottom I was promising her I was sorry I screwed up and would never do this again but she wasn't done by no means yet she placed a pillow down made me put myself over it and brought a even meaner strap out and went to town on my beaten bottom that got my hand flying back to try to save my ass and hollering out in pain with each crack as the strap bit my on fire cheeks she took a little break to apply lotion scolding me and telling me she was not finished by a long shot then came a paddle that about made me jump out of my skin all I could do was wail owwwwowwwweeowwww please no more I will never I owwwwweeew. Oooowwww please no more I will be good yeowwweeeowww there was another strap then a solid beating with one of her awful hair brushes I was almost brought to tears screaming out begging kicking my feet it was breath taking serious kicking and screaming out beging pleading promising too be a good boy I'm sorryyyy I'm soon soo so sorry please stop I've learned my lesson I will never do it again...... All I have to say with as long as I've been into the spanking world. This was my first real spanking.... Thank you Miss Chris..... Unforgettable she is a true master it has been 24 hours almost I was being spanked still yesterday as I write this. My bottom is still warm sore stinging even the most sensitive skin healing lotions sting my still very tender cheeks. Years of spankings getting giving and then some. I until I went to see this awesome woman had never had been truly spanked what a ride...... I would like to see about a season pass..... Miss Chris I will see you soon well maybe not too too soon and will step it up next time ( I will regret those words) Thank you again.....

Arrie from Socal


I saw Ms Chris for the first time recently at a convention hotel. She is quite lovely and sensitive to the needs of her companions. She began with a nice conversation about what I was looking for in a session. After a few minutes she assumed a dominant role and then proceeded to punish me.

She was thorough but careful. I absorbed the lesson she was trying to teach me with some discomfort. I consider myself lucky she was somewhat restrained. Next time I will not be so lucky, I expect.

All in all, it was a very good session. I eagerly await next time.



I had a corporal punishment session woth Miss Chris recently for a few offenses that we had discussed prior to meeting. It was not the first time I had been disciplined, but it was the hardest one I had ever received.\nI always had the saying just a hand spanking, but that changed with Miss Chris because she puts everything she has in her in the \"warm up\" which had me jumping.\nWhile she does give lesser spankings, her cp sessions are very painful and not for everyone.\nI am not sure how much more I could have taken from her. Most importantly, she listens to certain hard limits that do not pertain to the punishment she will be giving. I told her I did not want my any skin breakage or blood (this time) and she managed to give me a severe spanking without breaking my skin.\nIf you want a real cp session, conact Miss Chris, but understand you might regret it. Ask about her evil paddle



Thank you Miss Chris for everything. See you next time.



One probing question later and I was transported to the place I really wanted to go. Looking up into her serious gaze and knowing countenance led me to the place I was looking to find.



When I arrived we visited for 15 to 20 minutes getting to know each other and she was making a determination of the level of play. I expressed interest in a pretty heavy session and marks were not a problem.



When I arrived we visited for 15 to 20 minutes getting to know each other and she was making a determination of the level of play. I expressed interest in a pretty heavy session and marks were not a problem.



All in all, it was a very good session. I eagerly await next time.



She will take the time to understand your spanking needs, and, you can totally trust her to take you to the headspace you need to reach!



She began with a nice conversation about what I was looking for in a session. After a few minutes she assumed a dominant role and then proceeded to punish me.



Miss Chris began the session by removing my pants but left my underwear on because she liked the way they felt. She had me OTK and began hand spanking me. She did a proper warm up and then pulled my underwear down so that she could get the proper color of red. We advanced to several different positions and implements. She was definitely giving me what I requested. She took care of my behind as we went applying lotion many times and dabbing up the blood when necessary. Miss Chris is a wonderful spanker as well as a person. She gave me exactly what I wanted and she pressed me a little farther than I expected. She was very friendly and kind (when she wasn't beating my butt black and blue).



I found this a marvelous experience and will see her again when she returns to Houston. One final note, when I set up the appointment I requested she wear a dress I saw on either her website or somewhere else. It was blue with white polka dots. It was very 50's. She remembered to do that and she looked great.



My first experience with spanking was at the very capable hands (and several other implements) of Miss Chris in June of 2009, nearly eight year ago. I have placed myself in her tender care several times a year since that day.



Miss Chris began the session by removing my pants but left my underwear on because she liked the way they felt. She had me OTK and began hand spanking me. She did a proper warm up and then pulled my underwear down so that she could get the proper color of red. We advanced to several different positions and implements. She was definitely giving me what I requested. She took care of my behind as we went applying lotion many times and dabbing up the blood when necessary. Miss Chris is a wonderful spanker as well as a person. She gave me exactly what I wanted and she pressed me a little farther than I expected. She was very friendly and kind (when she wasn't beating my butt black and blue).

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