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ABOUT Miss Chris

6 feet tall, with big hair, a big smile and an even bigger right hand, Miss Chris has been an independent Professional Disciplinarian for 14+ years. Operating out of her Phoenix metro area parlor, Ironwood Terrace, and traveling extensively throughout the country and the world, she offers men, women, couples and groups the opportunity to engage in spanking in a safe, sane and consensual manner.


Having many names including, the Spank Therapist, The Woman Whose Arm Doesn't Tire, he Dominurtrix, the Lady of the Ample Lap, and the OTKMom, she exploded onto the scene in 2006. Not only one to delve into her private sessions, she attended every class, every conference, every party she could.

While she was honing her skills and building her extensive collection of outfits, implements and role play accessories, she was busy establishing herself as an internationally recognized Alternative Lifestyle Educator who has had the pleasure to criss cross the globe, presenting on a wide variety of topics, but focusing primarily on "spank-u-cation". Her travels have taken her to far flung locations like the Caribbean,Thailand, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Canada and Britain to share her passion for spanking and discipline. Teaching and mentoring new Ladies in Discipline is one of her many passion projects.






Domestic Discipline


Corporal Punishment

Judicial Scenes

Vanilla Life Coaching (session)


Discipline Based Life Coaching (session) 


Vanilla Life Coaching (extended programs)


Discipline Based Life Coaching (extended programs)


Group Classes


One on One Tutorials


Spank University Outreach


Couples/Play Partner Training

Mental health support

Spank "Therapy" Sessions


Targeted Role Plays for guilt release & closure

Targeted Role Plays for acceptance & self expression

Life Coaching



Miss Chris is based out of phoenix, az. "Private" means she is already busy







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Miss Chris

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