Being Spanked

is the ultimate obedience, the final pleasure. It is life on the highwire.
― Chloe Thurlow


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Discipline Based Life Coaching

(single session) 


Discipline Based Life Coaching

(3, 6, 9 & 12 month extended programs)


Spanking: Hand & Implements

Percussive Play

Academic / Medical / Religious Role Plays

Domestic Discipline


Corporal Punishment /

Judicial Scenes

Group Classes: Local, National & International


Dom-Top Training /

One on One Tutorials

Custom "Spank

Outreach™" Programs


Couples Training / 

Play Partner Exploration

Female Led Relationships / HoH-tih Lifestyles /

Contractual Dynamics

Pro Disciplinarian Mentoring


Event Planning

And a soon to be announced new line of  Spanking Educational Materials years in the developing!

Self Care

Spank "Therapies"


"Punourishment™" / 

"Punurturing™" play


"Forced" Guilt Release /

"Forced" Confessions

Sexual Orientation /

Gender Identity /

Kink Expression

Acceptance Play

Tactile / Rhythmic "Therapies"

Stress Release / 

Cortisol Dump

Rite of Passage /

Self Empowerment /

Take Back Control Scenes

Extreme Sport/

Endorphin-Adrenaline Rush


Kinky BnB Host


Extended Domestic  Confinement

Travelling Disciplinarians

Playspace Rental /

Costume Rental /

Impact Toy Rental

Adult Erotic

Retreat Rental /


Vintage Domestic

Role Play Space Rental