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Miss Chris' Spankademy

A fully immersive, weekend long, academic themed role play event for spanko age players, The Spankademy is the logical next step after opening up my BnB. With room for up to 4 cozy boarding school enthusiasts, this intensive weekend is full of assignments, rules, punishments, and having to live and learn around other age players in close quarters. Sleeping arrangements, nighttime surveillance, strict mealtime and uniform inspections will be the norm once school is in session. As Headmistress of Spankademy, I maintain a rigid set of protocols that will have your butts burning, your hands sore, your mouths cleaned and your spirits contrite. By the time you leave your bodies might be bruised, but your hearts will soar!

To inquire into costs and possible dates by sending me an email ( with Spankademy in the title. To get on any Spankademy mailing lists, please Join below. 


Thanks for your interest!

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