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Miss Chris, Toy Maker

The Genesis of Miss Chris' Texas Toys

Always frugal but highly concerned with value and price, Miss Chris was shown a clients leather off side billet strap (from a Western styled saddle) back in 2016 that was way better than the stiff piece of junk she had just purchased through Amazon for twice the amount, so she straight up traded it as the client preferred hers over her own, too. Then, MC fell in love.







So enamored was Miss Chris of these straps' gorgeous velvety touch, their rich burgundy color and their musky, earthy smell, she was especially amazed at their already broken-in quality and their reasonable price. Sure, they were a little crude, with holes that weren't crisp, double stamp cut marks on the tips and the occasional mar, scuff or impression. But these were Amish made latigo leather straps made for hard work in the elements, absolutely perfectly sized to make the best kind of pervertable for beginner to advanced alike. Miss Chris bought a batch of them just for a lark, super conditioned them, and offered them up at the next spanking vendor fair she could. They flew off the table. And continued to sell out at fairs, then online, and finally on the larger platforms like etsy.


Once MC started to see the impact (LOL) her Texas Saddle Straps were having she began to think of ways to make them even better. First, she started adding decorative conchos, leather corded handles and hangers. Soon, she was including a cloth strap bag and Care and Feeding Kit to help care for it for years to come.  Next, she added the ability to customize the strap with initials, and now she offers 3 different sizes and fonts to choose from. If you can dream it up, she can most likely make your fantasy strap a reality. And throughout this entire process, she learned that toy making is a perfect therapeutic exercise to help with the enormous undertaking of getting over the loss of a spouse during an international pandemic.

It's All About the Leather

The leather Miss Chris secures for her straps are unparalleled, unrivalled and unable to be found anywhere else in the world. Procured through a Texas wholesaler (thus the name Miss Chris' Texas Toys), these Amish manufactured billet straps are vegetable and chrome tanned (latigo manufacturing process), and oil conditioned from their factories in the Pennsylvania Dutch communities. While their quality is incomparable, shipments from this outfit come but once every month or two, and the reseller goes out of stock of items very frequently for months at a time. Miss Chris buys what she can, when she can, but when stock went low for too many weeks, she started to branch out.

It has always been, and will always be, 100% all about the leather, and the perfect feel that Tops and bottoms want in a spanking implement. All leather is not created equal, and once you feel one of Miss Chris' implements you won't want to buy anything but, either as a Top nor as a bottom. While others' work is fine and exceptionally made out of thick high quality English tanned cowhide, they come to you stiff as a board, and require months and sometimes years of regular use/cleaning/conditioning to "break them in" even minimally. As far as Miss Chris is concerned, if someone buys a strap it should arrive buttery soft, flexible and ready to use, right out of the packaging. So, that is exactly what Miss Chris delivers! 


Her Team

When it was time to expand, Miss Chris began offering other straps made out of the same rich oiled latigo Amish made leather as her Texas Saddle Straps including her Texas Tawses and Texas OTK straps. After that it was her Texas Belt strap, Loopy Texan, Texas Double Tap and finally her very special Texas Bull Pizzles, Texas Terrors and Texas Tongues. With the help of Aloha John who handles the wood products, to Nurse Jane who manages all the seamstress duties, to her product partners and friends Andy Morgan (canes) and Roger Patterson (whips & Twitchers) she is proud to be partnering with some of the best artisans out there. Miss Chris' knows that her success is the sum of the excellence of her "crew", so she is grateful. 

From Stingy to Thuddy

It's Miss Chris' intention to represent "all the feels" in her product line of toys (Jenni Mack is a terrific "sensation scaler", LMAO). Her original Texas Saddle Strap, ground zero, is the perfect combination of thuddy and stingy, so she arranges her other items around the TSS from a sensation standpoint. She then further articulates her scale to include suggested skill set level to properly wield the implement (a corresponding scale for the Tops to help identify implements that would work particularly well for them)

Toy Making as self care
Miss Chris' Texas Toys Product Line
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