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Coaching with a Twist
Life coaching sessions

A Life Coaching session is an important service Miss Chris is offering since receiving her certification Summer of 2016. And since COVID happened, this service is now needed more than ever. As a 10+ year Disciplinarian, Miss Chris had already worked with hundreds of people wanting to be corrected after exhibiting a bad habit or two. So,

it was only natural that when her clients asked her to help even more with regular accountability, she looked into doing it the RIGHT way. Turns out, professional coaching certification is a tremendous tool in Miss Chris' already full toolbox! 


There's a reason why Professional Coaching is all the rage right now. A person who has a goal is statistically proven to be over 500% more successful if they hire a coach. There is a whole methodology behind coaching that other Disciplinarians who claim to be Life Coaches don't know anything about. For instance, coaching is NOT telling someone what to do. A Coach is not a mentor, nor an adviser, nor a counselor. Coaching is a collaborative, organic and synergistic program to create Focus, Motivation and Accountability on the part of the coachee. 


The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment."

life coaching 3 month program

Life Coaching isn't something that can be done all in one session, so for those individuals ready to commit to a longer term coaching program, Miss Chris is now offering a 3 month program. 3 months is the standard coaching contract term, and is recommended by the ICF for best results. 

A 3 month Life Coaching Program will include.....

  • 3 hours of Live Time (phone or webcam) @ 1 hour per month

  • 3 hours of Support Time (email or text) @ 1 hour per month

    • Mindmap Visual Goal Map creation & updates​

    • Motivational texts during hard times

    • Weekly email updates with challenges, program tweaks, & successes

    • Customized resources for further reading and research

    • Consequence creation for increased accountability

Example MindMap

This is a sample MindMap to assign consequences to someone looking to lose weight, stop masturbating, and stop calling phone sex operators. These consequences are custom and tailor made per individual

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