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Professional mentor Program

As a 15+ year veteran of The Industry, Miss Chris has much to pass along to budding Disciplinarians and Doms looking for professional play of a different kind. It's well known among the coaching community that people with coaches succeed up to 500% more than people without the guidance of a mentor or coach. For those starting out in This Thing We Do, what better way to get the insider tips and tricks than from someone who has already been around the block and learned them? Miss Chris will not only help one learn impact play (the basic skill of a Disciplinarian), but she can help you with the associative forms of discipline play (more advanced skills), branding and the creation of a persona, marketing, website development, and nearly every skill a successful Professional Disciplinarian needs to master.




Basic Disciplinarian skills
(2 hrs)

This class includes a basic "how to" on hand spankings, short range implements like hairbrushes, paddles, and other OTK toys; an intro to all the different positions; basic phrasing and language; intro to role play; a dummy bottom is used to practice positioning and accuracy. 


intermediate Disciplinarian skills
(2 hrs)

This class includes the introduction of long range implements like straps, canes and whips; the addition of complexity to role plays ("layering"); the accumulation and care of gear; the addition of other domestic punishments like corner time, removal of privileges, sticky mats, scolding



Advanced Disciplinarian Skills
(2 hrs)

This class introduces advanced skill set development; building a persona, branding and marketing; creating a playspace; judicial scenes; advanced domestic punishments like enemas and figging, sissification; adult baby/diaper lovers; cock and ball torture 


Basic Website Construction

This package is for a basic 5 page website including photo montages; contact page; video section; About section; 10 item application form; member forum; live stream and chat features. Additional upgrades and maintenance $250/hour beyond the first 5 pages. 

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