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Miss Chris, Disciplinarian
disciplinary services
simple spanking sessions (SS)

A Simple Spanking session (Spanking 101) is the most basic, introductory type of session that Miss Chris offers. Specially designed for newcomers to adult spanking play, an SS session is just that -- a simple but very comprehensive exploration of hand to butt spanking.  No role plays, no ritualized punishments, no fancy instruments or elaborate outfits.  Our session will begin with a brief discussion on safety in the scene, and then move on to the implement and position on everyone's mind. Bare hand on a bare tush in the OTK position. From there, we will explore all the hand spanking techniques (are you stingy or thuddy?), all the traditional positions (and some not so traditional!), all the while experimenting with intensity, pacing, and target areas. You'll be able to answer the following questions after we are through: What does a red, hot bottom feel like? And, do I actually like spanking as much as I think I do?

domestic discipline sessions (dd)

A Domestic Discipline (Role Play) session is the most realistic and traditional type of session that Miss Chris offers. DD is a term that Miss Chris uses to encompass everything from recreating a childhood memory, to dealing with real life behaviors in a nurturing way, to constructing completely fanciful scenarios. Whether you are an experienced role player or someone brand new, just give Miss Chris some details, and let her craft a custom spanking experience for you! And don't worry, if things go astray, Miss Chris is outstanding at improv and can pick up without destroying the headspace!


To assist with the suspension of reality that many of these sessions require, attire, implements and environment is critical. Miss Chris has a huge closet full of role play outfits, and literally hundreds of toys for just that special touch. Her in-call facility in Phoenix is domestically and traditionally furnished. Domestic, historic and academic implements are used, including the bare hand, switch/cane, hairbrush, belt, spoon, strap, and a few more multi-functional items (pervertables).  More so than pain, these sessions are about scolding, reprimanding, chastising and shame, along with getting a hot, red bottom. These sessions are stern and strict while in session, but very loving and nurturing during aftercare.

Some of Miss Chris' role play outfit choices include: Boss, Schoolteacher, Victorian Governess, Nurse, Nun, Police Officer, Boy Scout, Girl Scout Leader, Judge, 1950's Housewife, Equestrian, Airline Attendant

percussive / spank "therapy" sessions (ps)

A Percussive Spanking (Therapeutic Spanking) session is a completely unique offering from Miss Chris! Spank "Therapy" sessions feature light to hard (based on an individual's pain tolerance) consistent, rapid, rhythmic and light to medium weight spanks that increase in intensity very gradually over a long period of time. This does not trigger the body's "pain gate". This technique can and usually does result in the bottom experiencing a condition called "subspace".  Trance music is often used during a PS in place of scolding or verbal reprimanding, which furthers the disassociation of the mind from the body to allow it to "fly".  Basic holotropic breathing techniques are taught and employed in a PS to further the deepening of subspace.  There is typically no pain during a PS, the spanks are so light they are often felt as more of a vigorous skin massage, and the area is no more than lightly pink after the session is done.  Much aftercare is needed and provided after a PS, as the bottom is often disoriented and in a deep meditative state by the time the session is complete.

corporal punishment/Judicial sessions (cp)

A Corporal Punishment (Cathartic/Judicial) session is the most severe and intense type of session that Miss Chris offers.  CP is physical punishment received for crimes committed, whether they are real, in the past, or as part of a role play.  You will tell Miss Chris what you have done wrong and she will decide what your punishment will be, then mete out that punishment.  A CP session does not include a warm-up nor a safe word, and only the minimal aftercare is provided post session.  You will be gagged and restrained.  This type of session is very much about pain and physical cleansing, and will most certainly cause deep bruising, and frequently causes skin breakage and bloodletting.  As undesirable as these sessions might sound to some, they are often enough requested by those with deeply felt guilt, who seek a cleansing catharsis and full body atonement. These sessions are not for the timid, and are by request and prior acceptance only after numerous negotiation sessions.  As such, these sessions are priced higher for the additional time and materials needed to prepare.

co-sessions or couples mentoring

A Co-Session is a session with two individuals looking to bottom to Miss Chris during the same session. They can both be bottoms, or both switches! All genders and sexual orientations welcome!

A Couples Mentoring session is a session between Miss Chris and a Dominant/submissive couple. Miss Chris can train the Dominant partner, using the submissive partner as a canvas. OR Miss Chris can discipline the submissive partner while the Dominant partner watches and guides. Miss Chris is especially talented in training women to dominate their men in 24/7/365 Female Led Relationships

virtual discipline sessions

A Virtual Discipline session is a chance to see and/or talk with Miss Chris without being in the same physical location as her. Miss Chris offers Phone or Webcam sessions that can include: directed self administered punishment, open discussions about spanking and the spanking scene, a thorough lecture with scolding, spanking storybook time or advice on how to cultivate a spanking relationship.

filmed sessions

While Miss Chris doesn't do public video's anymore, she does still offer to film private sessions as a memento of her clients experience. For a slightly extra fee, a camera is placed on a tripod to capture the action. For a little more, a cameraperson will be involved to get all the great angles, live and in action!

sponsored trip/extended sessions

As a prolific traveler, Miss Chris gets around to the major metropolitan cities, and some minor ones. If you are unable to get to her in Phoenix, and a trip to your locale isn't on her agenda, she can travel to you!* There are many negotiable options in these offerings, including single day, full weekend and entire week packages! All packages involve lots of different spanking related activities throughout a pre-negotiated period of extended time, custom designed to your specifications! Miss Chris likes to refer to these engagements as "Disciplinary Retreats" because one of these is so saturated with spanking, you'll be a wet noodle of spanko goo by the time it's over and done with!


*All travel expenses need to be covered up front, and a commitment to book at least 4 hours worth of session time, secured with a deposit is required.

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