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In Person, Online & Outreach classes offered


January 01, 2020

While you wouldn’t think a 30 year old "girl" coloring in a child’s coloring book while dressed as an eight year old to be particularly provocative, it’s amazing the different misconceptions that people even right here in the BDSM community have about Age Play. The overly simple definition of Age Play is that it is a type of role playing that involves either age REgression or age PROgression – assuming a persona younger or older than oneself. There are a few different categories within Age Play, including Littles Play, Elder Play and AB/DL Play (Adult Baby & Diaper Lover) but fundamentally we are talking about the simple act of not acting ones age. Miss Chris presents from both a little’s perspective (9 yr old cappy) as well as a MommyDommy perspective (Big Momma) on the wonderful, empowering and nurturing aspects of Age Play.


January 01, 2020

Most everyone has heard of the repressed, highly moralistic, prim and proper ways they did things back in Victorian England. But do you think they were all that way? Hell no! Come join Miss Chris as she discusses how kinky and perverted those Victorians really were!


This class will go through a brief history and accounting of the prevailing attitudes of the day. Historic roles and expectations, attire, implements and punishments will be discussed next. And finally we’ll get to laugh at the language and wording those pervy Vics used to talk about the things they weren’t supposed to talk about. Wear your Victorian, Edwardian or Steampunk best, if you have it, and expect to feel a new kinky kinship with your forefathers after this workshop!


January 01, 2020

The most intimate of touches, the most searing of sensations, it can be fiery hot or icy cold, humiliating at the same time nurturing, inducing of guilt while forgiving it. Spanking is the most versatile, the most culturally ingrained, the most socially acceptable form of kink under the BDSM umbrella. Often thought of as a “gateway kink” or even as entry-level, nothing could be further from the truth. This class will blow the socks off of anyone who still thinks of spanking as just “a childhood punishment”. Professional spanker Miss Chris will introduce and demonstrate a whole range of possibilities all having to do with the multifaceted spank. From mild, a dreamy percussive whole body spanking, to WILD, a bloodletting vampire glove spanking, and all the delicious variations that fall in between.


January 01, 2020

Have you ever wanted to play out your wildest SM fantasies, but didn’t know quite where to start? Come join Miss Chris as she presents “Role Playing: Actualizing Your Wildest SM Fantasies”. Learn basic to advanced tips and techniques on how to leverage attire, speech, body language, props, and the five senses to evoke different scene stages. Learn how to assume a character, improvise, create a backstory, and to suspend reality for a scene. Role Play examples will be presented throughout the class, and an interactive exercise at the end allows everyone to get their hands dirty with a basic role play you can play with and eventually incorporate into your own bag of tricks!


January 01, 2020

Spankings, forced bedtime, mouth soaping, lists, and contracts galore! Welcome to the world of Domestic Style Discipline! Whether it's a role play you want to explore, or a relationship paradigm you wish to create, this presentation will span the infinite possibilities. We'll chat about all the different ways to punish domestically (think spankings, enemas, line writing, early bedtimes and forced chores), but we'll also talk about DD based relationships, where the Dominant (Head of Household) and submissive (taken in hand) partners have rules and protocols to follow for self growth, to create a harmonious home, and/or to move the relationship forward in a positive way. Different teachings and methods will be used for illustration (i.e. Learning Domestic Discipline, the Spencer Spanking Plan, Christian based Domestic Discipline, or the Disciplinary Wives Club). Finally, a step by step process will be presented that anyone can follow to add Domestic Discipline into their lives and play. Come find out how versatile and important the D in BDSM truly is!


January 01, 2020

Harken back to an earlier age, when instead of video games and X-boxes kids played with poppets, wooden hoops or jacks (Victorian age). Or perhaps they might have crowded around a radio instead of around the DVR for story time, like in 1950’s America. Explore a simpler age when children had to occupy themselves with their imagination and didn’t have the modern conveniences like Toys-R-Us to help foster their creativity. Don’t miss this unique class in which Auntie Chris presents some of the ways ancient youngsters played. Whether you enjoy vintage role plays and are looking to incorporate a few new characters into your repertoire, or just enjoy learning about the myriad ways we all experience age play, come on out to this presentation expecting to leave with sore cheeks from smiling!


January 01, 2020

Exploding butt cells under a relentless hairbrush. Bloody vampire glove spanks. Skin cracking caning and blood blistering birching. A (thorny) rose (bush beating), by any other name, would still smell as sweet. What do all these things have in common? We’re talking a Spanking on Steroids, domestic discipline and corporal punishment taken all the way to the max. Blood? Check! Pain and agony? Double check!! Edgey, fucked up, shit you can’t do in any ole’ dungeon? Triple check!!! Come watch Cap aka Miss Chris ex-strap-u-late the fetish of spanking to the EDGE of your wildest fantasies!


January 01, 2020

As Bigs, it's our job (and what a pleasant job it is!!) to guide, help establish boundaries, nurture, protect and enforce the rules. But treating a little the same as an adult when they've done something wrong is a recipe for disaster! Come to this specialized age play class and learn the some sure fire ways to get your point across, without damaging the fragile littles mindset.


January 01, 2020

The D in BDSM stands for Discipline, so you might think Professional Disciplinarians would be better understood by now in the pro dom industry. But there still seems to be some mystique about spank-o's, about how to handle a “spanking only” session, about not realizing how important certain implements, positions and language are to use, and how damaging to the head space some others are, if used. Being a Disciplinarian is vastly different than being a Dominatrix. Starting out specializing in Discipline during the internet era has made the difference between succeeding in a difficult economy and drowning in a sea of flashily marketed mediocrity, so there must be something to this Discipline stuff! But to really understand the differences enough to be able to successfully incorporate them into a professional domination session, we will need to discuss the differences between the spanking community and the rest of BDSM first. To acknowledge no difference in the communities is to ensure complete failure to appreciate this specialty niche audience on a basic level. In this class you will learn the critical differences between a Disciplinarian and a Dominatrix; you will acquire a feel for the head space of a spank-o and what motivates them to seek out Disciplinarians as opposed to Doms; finally, you will learn a step-by-step formula to craft a Discipline scene for a spank-o client yourself.*

*This class is strictly an industry only class


January 01, 2020

Judicial canings, Roman scourgings, public whippings, forced labor and torture. For those of us who share a fetish for Corporal Punishment just the mention of some of these terms is enough to get the heart pounding with kinky excitement! One doesn't have to be the toughest or meanest SOB to participate in CP scenes, in fact with just a few tips and tricks anyone can craft a CP scene. Just think, all the wonderful dark sadistic energy, and none of the messy maiming and death!


History gives us so much in the way of fodder for our CP scene fantasies, so we'll start the discussions there. Implements, role play characters and attire are critical to authenticity, so we'll be talking about those in depth next. You will learn to create or tap into pivotal headspace elements, like fear, dread, guilt, and control to ratchet up scene intensity. Walk away with a step-by-step procedure on how to put together a full CP scene, including forgiveness/acceptance and scene closure. A final demonstration of a judicial style caning will be performed. This is Corporal FUNishment at its' best, don't miss out!


January 01, 2020

As an avid caner and canee, Cap will show you that a simple cane is one of your most versatile BDSM implements, and a must have for anyone’s toy bag. Did you know you can use a cane to create a full body rhythmic staccato that lulls someone deep into subspace? Of course, we’re all more familiar with the repudiated knife-like sensation as a full stroke burns into ones backside, but did you also know you can use canes to stimulate a clit, torture a breast, and spank an asshole? Clearly, that kind of versatility is “biblical in proportions”!


For the workshop portion bring your own short (no longer than 24 in.) canes (or cut a switch), to participate in the hands on practice section. Cap will be coming around to help folks both verbally in instruction, and physically by providing an arm or butt to help you experience a cane (Note: it’s not as scary as you may think!) Finally, there will be a demonstration at the end that will highlight some of the ways to incorporate canes in your own repertoire: from a dreamy, whole body percussive caning that will have your bottom flying, all the way up to the traditionally severe, a British “6 of the Best”! A PowerPoint presentation and hand outs will be provided in this all encompassing class on the lovely, and versatile, CANE!


January 01, 2020

Whoosh! CRACK! Very satisfying when it hits flesh. It’s typically made from one of our communities favorite materials, LEATHER. It’s a favored implement of motivation, punishment, and one of the original “pervertables”. The strap is one of the most versatile, but underutilized impact play toys in our world. You’ve seen many of them being sold, and you most likely have one in your toy bag. The humble strap isn’t as flashy or feared as other major implements of punishment and discipline; however prisoners in Arkansas in the early 60’s might disagree.


In the first part of this class, you will be introduced to all the major kinds of strips, straps and strops in use today, with a wee bit of corporal punishment history attached. A how-to section comes next, with a few demos, and some tips and tricks on how to aim and throw a strap. Finally, bring your own straps and partners to practice on during the hands on portion (demo straps will be available if you don’t have your own, and solo audience members may choose to be paired up for practice). A PowerPoint presentation, and links to the best strap purveyors in the world will be available for download after the class.

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Imagine if you could flip a switch and start to surf those archaic hormones of our shared anthropology to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood swings and lack of focus? Well, you can! Combine some evolutionary science with pain gate theory, and what do you get; the formula for subspace! As seen on The Doctors TV show, Professional Spanker, Miss Chris, discusses what ‘Spank Therapy’ is and how you can benefit from harnessing the body’s power to de-stress with a kinky twist!


Welcome to the fantastic world of Dolls and their Makers, where objectification meets role play, and pure fantasy becomes real. Learn about the many types of Dolls, their motivations, and how they express their kink through the creative vision of their Makers. We'll be looking at the very unique D/s dynamics possible, how art plays a valuable role, the connection between Dollification and Bimbofication and finally we'll discuss how to incorporate consent into a sometimes voiceless scene.

FLDDR (1).jpg

Welcome to the world of Female Led Domestic Discipline! Where the Dominant Women of the Household make and enforce habits and routines, and the submissive side of the slash accepts instruction at the threat of punishment. From historical power exchange examples to contracts, and domestic punishments to the power of positive reward, this presentation will address the wide variety of possibilities within the household or familial unit. The D in BDSM is “Discipline”. Let Miss Chris take you on a journey through one of the oldest forms of D/s!


This class is for active participants, the curious, and even the slightly disinclined. Miss Chris busts myths and misconceptions about age play, what it is and what it very much isn't. All the types of age players will be discussed, from the ABDL's (adult baby diaper lover), to the littles and middles, all the way up to the Elders. From the non sexual age regressors to the sexualized "dark" role age players (trigger warning). All the controversy, stigma, and intolerance that others bring into this wonderfully nurturing and empowering play will be touched on. Littles always get a chance to play and comment if desired up front while the class is going on. Come and join us for this slightly deeper look into age play.


Whether you love Brats or not, they are certainly here to stay! Come visit with Bratty Top Miss Chris as she discusses the Bratterverse, what constitutes consent in it, bratty communication techniques, who Brat Tamers are and what's the difference between a Brat and a SAM. Brat culture, rewards and punishments, along with the somewhat radical notion that Bratting might just be a mild form of Consensual Non Consent will all be addressed. Brats, Tamers and the Bratcurious are all welcome! 


Welcome to the incredible world of spanking, domestic discipline and corporal punishment! This isn't just an activity for us, the spanking scene is a culture all onto its own. We'll talk about the activities, of course, but we will also talk about our culture, our history, some issues facing the community  and where things might be headed next. 

Alternatively, this presentation serves as New Member Orientation for Miss Chris' Spank University house parties based in Phoenix, AZ. You'll find out things like party rules, activities you might run into, invitation codes you might need to RSVP, what to bring and suggestions on what to wear to best honor the spanko spirit. We welcome *all* to our parties!

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