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Miss Chris talks Spank Therapy on The Doctors

Miss Chris talks Spank Therapy on The Doctors

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Heading up the stairs with the Holy Terror

At six feet tall, with big hair, a big smile and an even bigger right hand, Miss Chris has been an independent Professional Disciplinarian, Event Planner, Kink Educator, Toy Maker, Video Model/Producer, Certified Coach, Professional Mentor and soon to be kinky BnB (Beat-n-Bed) host for the last 16 years. Operating out of her Phoenix metro area parlor, Ironwood Terrace, and traveling extensively throughout the country and the world, she offers individuals, couples and groups, large and small, the opportunity to engage in adult spanking pursuits safely and discreetly.













You might have recently seen Miss Chris on CBS' The Doctors popular daytime medical talk show speaking on Spank Therapy*. 

Educational Workshops Presented
  • Independent and successful Professional & Lifestyle Disciplinarian (15+ yrs)

  • International Alternative Lifestyle Educator (13+ yrs)

  • Internationally recognized Fetish Model & Actress (13+ yrs)

  • Founder and original headmistress of Spank University (aka Sun Valley Spankos and SpankU) (13+ years)

  • Certified Professional (Life) Coach

  • Butchmann's Academy Graduate

  • One of the two original "Uniformed Tops"

  • Host of 1st age play event at a spanking party

  • Forefounder of modern American spanko education

Certifications, Awards & Studies
  • Certified Professional Coach - Summer 2016

  • DomConLA Special Guest of Honor - Spring 2016

  • Placed 3rd in 2015 Spanking Awards for Best Female Spanker

  • Presenter Extraordinaire @ CAPCon - Spring 2012

  • DonConALT Special Guest of Honor - Fall 2011

  • Participation in Dr Brad Sagarin's research study proving "play" reduces stress in BDSM practitioners (2009)

  • A+/MCP (Computer) Certifications - 1995-2005

  • Dell Hardware Certified - 2003

DomConLA 2016 Guest of Honor
DomConATL 2011 Guest of Honor
Video Companies Worked With
  • Shadow Lane

  • OTKMom/Moms Knee

  • Clare Fonda Productions including Spanked Sweeties, Spanked Callgirls, ClareSpanksMen, Naughty Diaper Girls, Spanking Sorority Girls, & My Spanking Roommate

  • Momma Spankings and Sarah Gregory Spanking

  • AAASpanking

  • Punished Brats

  • Northern Spanking

  • Universal Spanking

  • Simply Discipline

  • Miss Chris Spanks! studio on Spanking Library

  • Simply Discipline

  • Universal Spanking

  • Lady Jose Spanks


    • Spanksgiving in St Louis MO (multiple times)

    • IX Kansas City in Kansas City MO

    • Oklahoma Leather Fest in Oklahoma City OK

    • The Gap in Phoenix AZ

    • Beyond Leather in Ft Lauderdale FL (multiple times)

    • Kink on the River in Sioux City IA

    • DomConLA in Los Angeles CA (multiple times)

    • Madtownkinkfest in Madison WI

    • Desert Dominion in Tucson AZ (multiple times)

    • A Little Mischief in Des Moines IA

    • Tribal Fire in Oklahoma City OK (multiple times)

    • TNG-AZ in Phoenix AZ

    • Beat Me in St Louis in St Louis MO (multiple times)

    • DomConALT in Atlanta GA

    • Southwest Fetish Ball in Tucson AZ

    • Oklahoma Power Exchange in OKC OK (multiple times)

    • Upstate Kink Society in Syracuse NY

    • Arizona Power Exchange in Phoenix AZ (multiple times)

    • Club X in San Diego CA

    • Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix AZ (multiple times)

    • CAPCon in Chicago  IL

    • Charlotte Area Power Exchange in Charlotte NC

    • Behind Closed Doors in Tucson AZ (multiple times)

    • Northern Exposure in Anchorage AK

    • FetishAlive in Phoenix AZ

    • Kinkfest in Portland OR

    • The Dragon Clan Mentor Meeting in Peoria, AZ

    • Rebooted-Revamped in Tucson, AZ

    • Pain on the Plains in Omaha, NE


    • Rome BDSM Conference in Rome, Italy

    • Twisted Leprechaun in Dublin, Ireland

    • Training Tea Time in Edmonton, Canada


    • Crimson Moon in Chicago IL (multiple times)​

    • Texas All State Spanking Party in Dallas TX (multiple times)

    • Arizona All State Spanking Party in Phoenix AZ

    • Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City NJ (multiple times)

    • 50 Freaks in Las Vegas NV (multiple times)

    • Shadow Lane Spanking Party in Las Vegas, NV

    • Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston TX

    • Metro Detroit Spanking Society in Detroit, MI

    • Spank University/Sun Valley Spankos in Phoenix AZ (many times)


    • The World Spanking Party in Malaga, Spain​


    • Wicked Grounds in San Francisco, CA​

    • SADE in Austin, TX

    • Black Thorn in Northern California


    • Mensa Regional Gathering in Phoenix AZ​

    • DarkCon in Phoenix AZ (multiple times)

    • AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) in Phoenix AZ

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