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A Collaboration of Correction

Mistress Baton from South Africa, and Miss Chris from the US of A will be accepting a *very* limited number of domestic discipline, spanking and corporal punishment sessions on April 23, 2019 on Long Island, NY
Double Disciplinarian Sessions in NY for 1 day only!

I'm so incredibly pleased and honored to announce a collaboration to (almost) die for! I will be working alongside the legendary Corporal Punishment Specialist, Mistress Baton of Johannesburg, South Africa on April 23, 2019 on Long Island (New York). While we are both notoriously fierce and unyielding in our personal tastes, all intensities and levels of experience will be welcomed! Ranging from age play nuanced domestic discipline all the way to judicial corporal punishment, Mistress Baton and I will craft the most unforgettable encounter of your life. Anyone interested in seeing the both of us together, contact Mistress Baton at or contact me, and I will arrange for your appointment with us. Either way, you won't want to miss this unique opportunity to see two of the world's top Disciplinarians in fine form!


If you were around last year, you probably remember that I had to cancel my attendance at the Metro Detroit Spanking Society party last December due to my husband landing in the ICU after a prolonged battle with his prostate. We dodged a bullet last year, and after a procedure he was back in business, his old self. Fast forward to Fall 2018 when intense back pain began, and chiropractic adjustments just weren't cutting it. One thing led to another, as they often do, and my husband again landed back in the emergency rooms. This time, we didn't get off scot free. My husband has cancer, but we aren't sure what kind quite yet. Although I'm not one to pray, if you are, please put in a good word for him with your peeps. This gal really appreciates it.

So, as information about my husbands condition comes in, I am making decisions about my east coast "Brush With Destiny" tour during the entire month of April. Casualties so far are: Philadelphia (Apr 8-11), Atlanta, NYC, New Haven, and Atlantic City (Apr 25-28), all of which have already been cancelled. Next in jeopardy, is my first window of time on Long Island (Apr 13-16). If I do not book enough appointments, I will have to cancel that as well. Right now, Newark, SCONY, Long Island (on April 23) and Boston all look pretty secure, but of course only time and a diagnosis will tell.

Work for me is essential to keeping my head on my shoulders. Along with needing money to pay for the medical bills, I need the work to distract me, and help me deal with my frustrations. I simply cannot spend my entire day on the phone with insurance companies, doctors offices (never doctors) and billing representatives if I want to remain sane. When I'm here in Phoenix, please don't hesitate to inquire about an in person session. I need the work here too, and am grateful for any reason to apply myself.


Here is my immediate (April & May 2019) travel schedule:

* Newark, NJ - April 2-5, 2019

* Poconos, PA - April 5-8, 2019 (SCONY)

* Long Island, NY - April 13-16, 2019

* Boston, MA - April 18-22, 2019

* Long Island, NY - April 23, 2019 - w/Mistress Baton

* Houston, TX - May 16-20, 2019


My shoulder continues to heal at a decent rate, but would certainly be better without all the recent distractions. This gal has to get back on the rehab stick! You would think with all the time spent in hospitals, I would find some time to do my exercises, but it has been challenging.


I have purchased a new application for video editing that I am just enamored with. Although I cannot show my face any longer in videos, I'm having a great time playing with faceless clips. Let me just say.....slow motion cane stroke......yessssssssss. So, I hope to be releasing more such clips on Twitter, my website, and Fetlife going forward.

Thanks for reading, my friends! And don't forget to keep it spanky!

Miss Chris

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