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A Perfect Cold Caning

Every once in a while, you have a "perfect session". There are a few factors I consider to earn this ranking, but the competition is high because I have many great sessions throughout the year. I was fortunate enough to have had a couple in Washington DC this last week. But this one was special in that it included a "cold caning", my absolute favorite type of thrashing. The original sentence for peeping on the girls in their locker room was 6 strokes with all of 5 canes....30 strokes in total (full documentation was provided to back up said infraction). But after 30, our appetites were hardly whetted so we continued on. I would guess the far picture is roughly 100 although we didn't count. Breaking skin was a show stopper, so I made sure his bottom lasted as long as I needed it to. In even the far picture, no skin was broken. Thank you JR for an incredibly intense and fun scene!

So, who is next for a good cold caning? Or maybe you're a straps kind of person? I received this London Tanner Texas Prison strap for the purpose of this epically filmed CP session. One or two strokes with this left visible marks, and was reportedly very heavy stingy on the tip, rocking the body forward with the impact. Thank you S for not only the gift of the strap, but for the bottom to break it in on. And a future nod to S for editing the 4K video he filmed. I can't wait to release it!

Last by not least, I'm Los Angeles bound in TWO WEEKS. Because I will be vending my straps and pizzles at DomConLA the entire weekend, my time for private sessioning or mentoring classes is limited. I am not teaching this year formally, but I'm happy to spend time doing 1-2-1 and industry mentoring while at this legendary conference.

If you are looking for spanko and BDSM gear, look no further than DomConLA's incredible Vendor Fair. Dozens of purveyors in one place make for some of this country's best fetish shopping, bar none. I will be manning my Miss Chris Texas Toys booth, and for the first time ever I'm fully stocked up! Come by the booth just to say hi, and stroke a little oiled leather. I guarantee you will love what you're feeling and smelling! Many things cannot be adequately purchased online, and toys are challenging. But at a vendor fair, you get to handle, and in many cases wield one of my beauties, and that's all it takes. Once you feel the difference my leather offers, you won't go back to stiff, low quality leather toys ever again.


Miss Chris

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