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Back to my old tricks! *winks*

I've been SO busy with my new website, my travels, and enjoying my return to the spanking community, I forgot to tell y'all about it!

Oklahoma City, OK (April 2017)

I visited Oklahoma City twice this spring! This first trip was to present back at my favorite dungeon in the country, the Oklahoma Power Exchange, where I taught about Age Play. And, to also present at the inaugural Oklahoma Leather Fest, where Spanking Mild to Wild! and Strips, Straps & Strops were the conference picks. I ran into so many good friends, and met a whole host of new ones! Thanks OPE and OLF!

Oklahoma City, OK (May 2017)

My second visit to OKC was to do some fund raising for Biting the Apple, OKC's Erotic Art Festival, one of the very first in the nation, started in 1985! My spanking booth raised $275 for the non-profit organization, and in the process, I popped so many spanking cherries that night I was soaked in cherry juice! ;-) My only regret, is not getting a picture of the identical twin brothers over both my knees at the same time, getting spanked in front of dozens for their first time ever! The way they got up, and BOTH rubbed their tushies at the same time, was priceless!

Dallas, TX (May 2017)

On my very first "tour", Dallas was my second stop. There, I got the opportunity to visit with, and spank my very, very first person ever in the world, C. We had lots to catch up on, since I spanked him to tears on a metal straight backed chair back in 2007! Without his encouragement, I would not be here today, folks. Thanks so much, C!!!

I was also able to do some unique shopping in the Dallas Area. Where I acquired a number of these gorgeous saddle straps. I now offer them in my webstore, customized with a concho of your choice. These straps are a DREAM COME TRUE for fans of supple leather that doesn't need 3 years to break in. Heavy oil soaked leather straps good to go right out of the bag! Take a look: I can ship virtually anywhere in the world!

Houston, TX (May 2017)

Final stop on the tour, took me back to Houston, TX for a major spanking party. It had been a while since I had been back to Houston, back to this particular event and back to any major spanking party since my hiatus last year, so I was busy as hell! If you were there and didn't see me much, you're not alone! LOL But I have to say, meeting up with clients in Houston, new and old, was such a gratifying experience. I again rediscovered why I spank people for a living, and that I continue to have the best job in the world. My good family of choice in Texas, thanks so much for showing me such southern hospitality!

Chicago, IL (June 2017)

Sadly, I couldn't coincide my trip with a Crimson Moon party, however I don't regret going for one second, after having such a fabulous time reconnecting with a special client, and meeting such high quality others, even a self professed "jazz snob". Although I'm not doing videos anymore for public consumption, I do still offer to film private sessions or role plays. And my special client wanted one humdinger of a role play this time around!!! A Little House on the Prairie theme, giving Willie Oleson what he should have gotten all along from Mrs Ingalls, a real woodshed strappin' ala frontier style!

Oahu, Hawaii (June 2017)

Purely personal (although there were some birthday spankings to dole out), my trip to Oahu was my first vacation in over a year, and my first glimpse of Hawaii. We spent a minimal amount of time in Honolulu and Waikiki doing the typical touristy stuff, but was able to really see the island by heading to the "west side", taking in the best luau on the island (Paradise Cove) and trekking up north to the Polynesian Cultural Center. I found out that Tahitian style hula dancing really floats my boat!! Wouldn't this mesmerize ANY spanko???

I also learned about POKE. Poke is Hawaiian style sushi bowls. If sushi is edible sex, poke is edible sex doing the hula dance! HA!

Next up..... APEX, Shadow Lane, the Tulsa Spank-o's, Xpressions dungeon, New Orleans, and Omaha Nebraska, all in 2017! Stay tuned!


Miss Chris

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