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Birthday Sp@nks, anyone?

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

That's right, it's my birthday today! Not only that, but it's my Fiftieth Birthday today! On January 15, 1971 my parents brought me home from a Manhattan hospital to their brand spankin' new digs on Long Island, NY. While I grew up in a traditional Catholic, firmly middle class, "dyed in the wool" liberal family of Italian/German decent, I knew my path would be different from a relatively young age (~14).

Life has hardly been easy, choosing personal fulfillment and systemic authenticity over money, tradition, or any sense of normalcy. Doing it on a budget has proven to be a little more challenging. But doing it during an international pandemic after my partner of 24 years passed definitely kicked it up into high gear. The Universe is really pushing my limits, and doesn't seem to want to respect my safe word or consent to scene, but I'm lucky that what doesn't kill me, does indeed make me stronger.

Admittedly I haven't always been the bastion of good decision making as I am now *laughs and winks*. But looking back over the last 50 years, I can honestly say I don't regret swimming against the tide, it was worth the extra effort it took to get here. And really, my husband often said "Have no regrets", I can see him up there in Valhalla telling me now. So this time, I'll just sit back, nod and say "yes, I am 50 years old today" and be proud of the gray hairs I have certainly earned.


So, anyone interested in taking my birthday spankings? Before you enthusiastically throw yourself over my lap, understand I don't do my birthday spankings like everyone else. Oh no, that would mean I would have to stop after 51. I'm not even warmed up by that time! For many years now, I do what few can do, and that is a progressive birthday spanking. I start with 1, 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4 allllllll the way to 50. If my math is correct, that's 1,225 spanks in total. Now, do you want to take one of my birthday spankings? *wicked grin*


I'm not one to have wish lists, or gift registries, I can't be bothered to update all those every time something changes (I have a hard enough time updating things like Twitter or Fetlife *snicker*). Plus, I would *much* rather someone buy something through my etsy store ( so I can work for their money, instead of ask for a handout (I would make a truly crummy findom, LOL). But I do acknowledge there is some value in giving folks a list to go off of, that way if you get gifts they are automatically appreciated.

In this vein, I present to you a way to contribute to the item I most prize, while not committing to the entire $325+ gift. The picture above is the London Tanner's Tenderizer. From the moment I spied it I've desired it. And while I would adore for someone to buy it outright for me, the price tag is quite prohibitively set for that. So, I've created this little way for anyone to contribute to my 50th Bday present! Donate exactly what you wish, via PayPal or your securely taken and 100% private credit card. Click on the image above to go directly to The London Tanner's item, The Tenderizer, for item details.

It goes without saying anyone donating will receive at least 50 bday spanks when next we all meet so hold onto your receipts! Consider this blog posting/email blast a "Spank Check" for future services to be rendered...on your rear.

UPDATE - 4 HOURS AFTER POSTING THIS EMAIL: I have taken down the BDay Fundraiser for the London Tanner's Tenderizer as I received so many donations I can now buy this dream toy to add to my eclectic collection. I can't tell you how delightfully surprised and honored to have such a loyal following. You guys rock!!


I hope 2021 still holds promise of better times for you, my friends, fans and family. Take good care of yourselves in the days ahead. And do more spanking than fear mongering. We all just need some more hot red cheeks in our lives! *big smile*


Miss Chris

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