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Boston, I'm on my way soon

That's right, Bean Town, I'm coming to your town for the first time ever, and I still have a couple spots open for a lucky individual or two to take a trip over my knee. Please bounce over to: and apply today, there's not much time left.


I just taught this recently full blown class online for Wicked Grounds Café in San Francisco, and you know how much I value education, including the free variety, so I've uploaded copies of my PowerPoint presentation to my website. It's not mobile friendly I'm afraid, but hopefully you can still click through the slides and get an idea of what we all talked about from your desktop or laptop (or tablet, it might work on tablets). My next class will be in Atlanta GA for the 1763 club. I'll be teaching a local favorite, "Strips, Straps & Strops". I still have some time for private sessions in Atlanta as well, but that trip is filling fast. Get in while the gettin's good. ;-)


Miss Chris

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