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Brush with Destiny Tour & More!

Oh man, the mischief I'm gonna wreak now I've been released to get back to spanking!!!

Yup, it's true!! I've done *so* well on my rehabbing, at the 6 week mark I'm able to take off the sling, get back to driving AND get back to regular habits as long as they don't cause any sharp pain!! I specifically asked about a gym routine I do from old habit, and as a strengthener for my work. The motion and impact (open palm) is also very similar to spanking. So, I asked about being able to hit volleyballs against a wall, and was cleared even to do that, all in moderation, of course! So, if you're patiently waiting for my calendar to open up again, consider it open!

So many travels plans, this year, enough to make up for the time lost!

I've been plotting, planning and preparing for a delightfully busy spring and summer. My wanderlust has been reignited, and I seek the company of varied people who love this thing we do as much as I do. I've recently gotten active on Twitter, and that seems to be a better way to meet international scensters. I have to admit, the US doesn't seem to have nearly as many Corporal Punishment enthusiasts as most other places. Maybe that's because there's not as much history here, but I sure do welcome comments and opinions about this.

Anyway, since I've had so much time to contemplate over the last couple months, my schedule is really shaping up! Take a gander:

  • Las Vegas, NV - Feb 21-25 - private event

  • Atlanta, GA - Mar 15-17 - Leather Leadership Conference

  • Newark, NJ - Apr 2-5

  • Poconos, PA - Apr 5-7 - Spanking Club of NY Weekend Party

  • Philadelphia, PA - Apr 8-11

  • Long Island, NY - Apr 12-15

  • TENT-Boston, MA - Apr 16-19

  • TENT-Connecticut - Apr 20-21

  • TENT-NYC, NY - Apr 22-24

  • Atlantic City, NJ - Apr 25-28 - Boardwalk Badness Weekend

  • Houston, TX - May 16-20

  • Dallas, TX - Jun 20-24 - Texas All State Spanking Party

  • Denver, CO - Jul 25-28 - Thunder in the Mountains

  • TENT-Omaha, NE - Aug 9-11 - Pain on the Plains

  • Chicago, IL - Oct 10-14 - Crimson Moon

There are a number of annual staples on this list, like usual, but I'm also hitting some events I haven't hit in YEARS, and a couple of brand spankin' new ones. And I'm very open to putting on classes or workshops in each of these areas when I come through. If you know of a good spanking group, or BDSM educational group looking for presenters, I would love a reference!

As always, if you're interested in seeing me on one of these trips, drop by my website where I would love an application to hear about what you're most interested in! Or if you've filled out an app already in years gone by, just send me a little email at with the city name in the subject line, and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able (keep in mind, I'm still a little limited now, but by the time these trips get rolling, I'll be right as rain).

Last but not least, while I was down I did manage to open up an etsy store, which has way more functionality than my own websites store. I try to keep this one up-to-date about what I have in stock, and what I can reorder, vs what I could custom make for you. The biggest thing this etsy store does not have yet, are my custom made bull pizzles, a CP lovers dream! You can find those here:

Domestic Discipline Female Led Relationships

If I look back over the 13+ years I've been doing this, I must have gotten the following question 10,000 times, "I love to play, but I really want a full time FLR (female led relationship) based on domestic discipline. How do I find, or create, that?" The answer of course varies, but there are resources out there that will benefit you. With the passing of Aunt Kay of the Disciplinary Wives Club last April, the ultimate authority on the matter is gone, but her legacy lives on. If I'm honest, I've been working with couples on this very issue for years, so I'd like to say I'm qualified to pick up her mantel. Going forward, I am offering true couples coaching, or single sub training to find (or create) the FLR of their dreams.

With so many new up-and-coming Professional Disciplinarians entering the scene lately, is it any wonder that new folks, both new to the scene as well as new to professional discipline, might really need a leg up to differentiate them from the crowd? Contrary to popular belief, we don't just "play" all day long! For every hour of playtime we get, there is about 15 hours of overhead that goes into making that happen. And that is once you're established. Getting established is another story entirely. Years of honing our skills, building our collections of toys, attire, furniture and accessories. Being a good spanker is not enough to succeed in this career, one has to be business-minded, and professional to sustain long term the ups and downs. We are self employed, so we have to be one stop shops, spankers, website developers, photo editors, marketers and bookkeepers. So, after spending years mentoring beginning disciplinarian in my classes, and out of personal interest, has developed into a full on business mentoring program. I now offer a formalized 3 hour program that covers all the basics, spanking skills, spanking language and spanking culture. My 6 hour program covers all those, plus website development, branding and marketing, bookkeeping and accounting, passive income resources and affiliate sales. A completely thorough 9 hour program includes all the above, plus 3 hours of spanking party partnership (co topping and mirroring). If you are new to this profession, welcome! But don't go into this blindly, get some real information about what you're really in for.

Alright, I had better get this update out to you all, so that I can eat a late dinner, and get back to plotting my return to action!


Miss Chris

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