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Cane for Ukraine Fund Raiser April 30th @ 3pm

Jenni and I are very upset at what's going on in Ukraine, and we want to do something to help the war efforts. In particular, Ukrainian children, who in all this mess suffer the very most. 100% of the proceeds from this fund raiser will be going towards VOICES OF CHILDREN, a well rated Forbes magazine approved charity helping war torn Ukrainian refugee children.

Funds will be raised in two ways, through buying a LIVE STREAMING VIEWING LINK ($10/ea) and by DONATING MONEY TOWARDS CANE STROKES ($10/each cane stroke). This is how it will work: between now and April 30th at 3pm I will be collecting money through two different links on my website (see the button below for the page). If you purchase just the viewing license, you will receive an email link for the Live Stream taking place on April 30th at 3pm Pacific Standard Time Zone. Save this email, it will be the only way you will be able to get into the Live Stream once it goes live. If you wish to also donate money towards individual cane strokes given to Jenni Mack by myself, Miss Chris, there is an optional link through which folks will be able to donate as many cane strokes as they want up to 100. If we get up to and over 100, we will schedule another Live Stream to finish up!

Again, 100% of all the proceeds raised will be going directly towards the above charity. The credit card transaction is secure and processed by Square, Inc. a very common point of sale credit card reader you've already most likely done business with in the past.

Do you have any questions about the process? Send me email directly to and I will do my best to answer your questions as soon as I can.


Miss Chris & Jenni Mack

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