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Chi-Town & New site Page!

We are a week out from my Chicago trip and I still have 2 spots left open from cancelled sessions. Friday June 17th AM hours or evening PM hours. If anyone would like to take a much needed trip over my legendary knee, getting a dose of my firm right palm, raise your hand and send me an email.


Many folks are asking me about my new BnB (Beat n Bed) at Ironwood Terrace. The Disciplinarium is now very active with many visitors over the course of the last few months. All without major advertising!! With this new website page, you will get a sense of what my playspace looks like, from entry to exit. The page is not 100% complete yet, but take a look at what I can offer an overnight miscreant.

My most basic package is 3 hours of session time plus an overnight for $1000. You can add things like shuttle service to/from the airport, dinner out, recording of the session, and some forms of advanced kink play (like heavy CBT, figging, electrotorture, needles) for additional fees.

But some folks like a fully immersive experience. Imagine walking in the door in character and staying there for the length of your stay? Do you like being watched? If so, I have optional surveillance cameras. If you're naughty you might get any number of domestic or academic punishments. It's not just for age players either. The role play dynamic is endless, and I'm prepared with a closetful of outfits to accommodate your stay.

Contact me at if you would like to be considered for an overnight experience with me!


Miss Chris

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