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Chicago was a Blast, Tampa around the (Knee) bend

What wonderful kismet happened this weekend between my little family posse, some clients, some friends, some ad hoc organizers and a certain hotel in the upper Midwest *winks*. Thinking the weekend would just be my little family of choice, things turned interesting when a "universal" fan of spanking came knocking on my door thinking it was someone else's. I was lucky enough to do a double strapping and double caning with this fellow enthusiast later on that evening on a couple of poor hapless See the picture below for one of them!


Next stop up, Tampa Florida! On November 9th I land in Florida for my inaugural trip to the Tampa Bay area. I'll be staying there until November 13th, a good long time to deliver many many spankings. I'll be staying in rental lodging this time, and will have the place to myself, nice and private. I'll be bringing a full "arse"-e-nal of weapons of ass destruction with me, including mouth soaps, quick restraints, my new vintage strap collection. Speaking of which.....


Super heavy, broken in, supple and weighted at the tips, these vintage straps have recently come into my possession. Supposedly from the 1970's and 80's, these 10 beauties were cherry picked from an exceptionally large and well cultivated collection of vintage toys put together by an Arizona client of mine. I consider it the most amazing serendipity the acquisition of these, so I'm using them almost exclusively if and until I get thoroughly sick of them! LOL

Happy Howl-a-ween, everyone! I'll try and get out another update around that time, but I can't promise anything, LOL.


Miss Chris

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