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Detroit, you ROCK! Next up, Chicago, Charlotte & Eastern Tennessee

Too many times I've announced a trip or attendance at an event, but never followed up on what happened! I'm pretty sure you would probably enjoy more of these types of bloggy updates, so I can start with my recent trip to Detroit to see a very special client, and by luck would have it, get in my first Metro Detroit Spanking Society (MDSS) party, their annual September "Back to School" event.

I need to say right off the bat, that I had an absolute blast at my very first MDSS party! Apparently, this group has been around for 2 decades, and is one of two groups in the metro Detroit area for spanking enthusiasts. (One great group is fabulous for a city, but two really great groups?? WOW! I'm impressed!) MDSS is a traditional "spanking only" group (impact play on the bottom, traditional authority-based role plays, and behavior modification dynamics involving correction). But the newer Michigan Spanking and Pleasures (MSP) group offers a fusion "spanking" plus sex positive activities, which means you see all sorts of spanking combinations in play. I'll need to get back to Michigan for one of those.

So, this single evening party I attended was hosted in a 1920's era AirBnB rental (apparently the neighborhood was designed by Henry Ford for his employees back in the day). This place was HUGE, spread out over two floors with numerous bedrooms and a mock school room (where there was a group role play halfway through the night). Speaking of which, this little clip was taken in the mock school room, right before it started! My good friend P set me up with Sky, a school "girl" at the event, after I approached him inquiring if he knew of any individuals who might like a caning. So, this little ad-hoc clip was filmed by P, after securing everyone's permission. I was tasked with preparing the "young ladies" upturned skirt, and pretty black panties. Then, I was to give a medium 6'er, 3 strokes on panties, and 3 on the bare. I was overjoyed when P asked for a couple more strokes. I was one happy lady caner!!

I was able to spank many folks at the party, some of whom didn't get to bottom frequently. Thanks to all those who I got a chance to spank, especially J who made me a lovely new cane, M who gave me a ride, and M the party organizer. To D, who I didn't get to spank, but who gave me a great foot rub at the end of the party, you're next on my agenda when I return in December, mister! *winks*


October is here, and I'll be traveling quite a bit this month. First up, Chicago for the 25th Anniversary of Crimson Moon's inaugural soiree! I'll be flying into Chicago's Midway airport, and then moving onto the host hotel in Downer's Grove, IL. Some event activities I know I will be a part of are: MaMa Blue's Dominas Lounge on Friday afternoon between 3-5pm. This is a luxurious event catering to the bottom-y men of CM. This is a sign up event, so if you're a male bottom attending Crimson Moon and would like to participate, contact MaMa Blue to get on the list. This event will most likely get capped ahead of the weekend, so act now!

My good friend and fetish photographer, Andrew Morgan, will be hosting a 6 of the Best Caning Competition on Friday night at 11pm. I have agreed to be one of two Judges for the competition. I would *much* prefer to compete, but I think I might be considered a "ringer" and have an unfair advantage, so being on the other side of the bench will work a lot better this time around!

This year will be my second year vending my Texas Saddle Straps at the CM Vendors Fair. This year, the fair will be 6 hours long (10am-4pm) and it is open to the public (no need to be a CM attendee). I will be adding a new hand strap to my line of Texas Saddle Straps, so stay tuned! As always, if you would like to order a strap with a custom concho, contact me soon, and I will have it ready for pick up at the vendors fair.

UPCOMING TRIPS - Johnson City, TN / Charlotte, NC

I know this is sudden, but I only confirmed my trip recently. I'll be visiting a very special person in the Johnson City, TN (Oct 24-25) area. Because most of my time will be dedicated to my special friend, I'll have an exceptionally narrow window of time to see other folks. Under normal circumstances, I would forego accepting any additional appointments, but considering I'll most likely not be in this area of the country again, I did want to throw it open to folks, just in case someone really needs their hide tanned. *grins* So, I have a wee bit of time on Wednesday evening October 24th, and the morning of Thursday October 25th, before I have to check out of my room and leave for Charlotte, NC.

On Thursday afternoon, I head back to Charlotte (that's where I fly into) for the next 2 days as I have more time to spend with the spankos of North Carolina. My good friends at CAPEX (Charlotte Area Power Exchange) are busy that weekend with their Halloween event, so I won't be back there teaching classes this time around. But I will be looking to do some spanky thing on Friday night, so if you're in the area with suggestions on what to do in the scene, hit me up!


Come November, I'll be traveling again to St Louis, MO for the annual Spanksgiving weekend event by STL3, between November 15-19. I've talked about this event before, but I really can't sing its praises enough. Although the name belies a spanking party, this is a huge BDSM conference. It's so big, that the entire hotel is dedicated to our group, a completely immersive experience! This year, I'm one of the main presenters, teaching 4 different classes: Strips, Straps and Strops, Age Play 101, Domestic Style Discipline and Victorian Style Discipline. The times and days of my classes are all on my calendar, so if you wanted to take in something you know when it's at. Of course, when I'm not teaching, I'll be accepting a limited number of private appointments. I'm already starting to fill up, so contact me soon if you're interested!

Spanks so much for following me, and I hope this little message finds you well, and thinking of spanking!

Miss Chris

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