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Due to Overwhelming demand...

...I've firmed up my trip dates to TAMPA FLORIDA, added a day in NASHVILLE TENNESSEE & LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA (so anyone still wanting a session should contact me), and am contemplating a local trip to ALBUQUERQUE (if I can find a good little window of time for a nice drive).

...I've reactivated my SPANKINGTUBE (free spanking content) account and have been selectively uploading a variety of clips both old and new. Right now, I don't have a clips4sale store, and I don't intend on getting back into the paid clips sites. I film what I want to film, and upload the stuff I like. Free content, simple as that.

...I've been posting more to Twitter (@Dominurtrix) and Fetlife (@MissChris). Because of the filters on Twitter, I cannot post the truly salacious photos I really enjoy so that's what Fetlife is for. Twitter is good for short clip releases (~2 minutes), and immediate status updates about my fabulously spanky lifestyle.

...I've been doing so many stress relief spankings lately. Understanding that a good spanking relieves stress in both the body (reduction in cortisol) and the mind (release of happy hormones) is critical in taking someone through a rigorous but not unduly traumatic process. I also teach about holotropic breathing techniques to deepen subspace and relaxation. So, get a spanking, it's good for you!

Bottom Warmingly,

Miss Chris

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