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Final Call for Cane for Ukraine Fund Raiser!

This event is TOMORROW at 3pm Pacific time zone during a FREE* Live Stream. There's still time to donate cane strokes, we are currently up to 81 out of the maximum of 100. All proceeds go towards Forbes rated Ukrainian children's charity, Voices for Change.

*Due to technology issues, the cost for the Live Stream has been waived. All viewing license purchases will go toward the cause.


I'm back on the road and teaching in earnest again! My next trip is Atlanta GA between May 19-23. And I've been asked back to 1763 Dungeon to teach the same exact class I taught last time for them in 2017, "Strips, Straps & Strops" or a class dedicated to strapping. I'll be bringing a few toys to vend as well, both new and vintage! So, if you are under 39 years old and in the area, please come on by to get some education and exposure to STRAPS.

Otherwise, I do still have a wee little bit of time left for private sessions or filming engagements. I'm certainly open to Top Training as well, perhaps to a special person wanting to learn the ropes in a traditional way.


My trip to Boston was absolutely killer! In all my 15 years I had never visited Bean Town, but I have rectified that and I'm in love with the spankos and the surroundings now. A happy coincidence led to my staying in a charming 1 bedroom home with a basement and a bidet! The perfect place to give a spanking, it was set back from the road and other houses making for a lovely private setting. I saw more people on this tour than I ever have before on any trip. Bostonians are definitely in need of regular Spankers coming through as there isn't anyone there who is dedicated to discipline. I had folks come in from 3 states over to take that trip over my knee. I'm so excited to now have peeps in New England, and I will be back hopefully next year. Much love to Boston, thanks for a great trip!

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