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FLDDR Class Presentation & Docs

I just wanted to circle back with you all on my newest presentation, Female Led Domestic Discipline Relationships, and the supporting documents I presented in class.

You can find a copy of the PowerPoint here: This PPT is only available to laptop or desktop users, sadly it is not mobile friendly (although I'm working on it!!)

I've also just created a supplemental document page for all those yummy examples I gave of contracts, and my own version of a contract (work in progress, for sure). You can find these documents here:

Come October 3rd when I teach this class for the second time, it will be leagues beyond what this first class was. Even for someone who has been doing this for over a decade, coming out with a new class is a BIG DEAL, and many many hours of fine tuning the presentation will be going back into the content.

I feel very strongly about education, and so I freely offer my content to any members looking to join my website for the learning opportunities. Enjoy all!


Miss Chris

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