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FOSTA-SESTA & "On the road again..."


It's been in the news a lot lately, with the shutting down of Backpage and the craigslist personals section. You might think it doesn't affect you, you're not a sex worker, nor do you employ sex workers, right? Wrong!! Because with the passing of FOSTA and SESTA, your rights to non censored online platforms have just been buried back to the Dark Ages.

So, what is this legislation, anyway? FOSTA-SESTA stands for the "Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act" and the "Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act". Wait, this sounds like it would be good for our society, to minimize sex trafficking, no? Yes, it would be a good thing, because no one is for more people, including children, being forced into sex work or sexual slavery. But however well intentioned, this will have a HUGE ramification for ANYONE in the following groups: legitimate and legal sex workers who are in this industry because they want to be here; anyone on the fringes of sex work (like Professional Disciplinarians) who do not engage in sex work, but is PERCEIVED to be associated with sex work (the activities that fall under this category are vague and very broad); any online community or forum that brings people together who are interested in sex or kink. YES, that means YOU!

This legislation basically puts the onus on website owners, who aren't always in control of their content. And, it would be retroactive, so if an abuse happened 10 years ago, that website owner is still on the hook. To use a vanilla analogy here, if some sex trafficking could be linked back to people meeting through Facebook, then Facebook is now considered culpable for that abuse, and would be subject to legal travails.

Fetlife happens to be the largest Fetish/Kink social media site out there in today's day and age. In order for Fetlife to survive, they have and will continue to have to censor some of their content. So much for being able to learn about our kinks, to meet others of like mind, to watch videos and see pictures of these things we enjoy doing. Many other websites, including mine, will have to be scrubbed of anything remotely resembling an "online meeting spot".

So, welcome back to a world where we will be stuffed back in the closet, or else suffer the wrath of an overly moralistic and judgmental society. The best news of all? These pieces of legislation will have the opposite effect as it intends. Sex workers will simply go underground again, where they are unsafe, and can be picked off one by one. Those who have been victimized by sex traffickers will continue to be victimized, they will only be much farther from reach. And the rest of us regular joes? We have to be very careful about who we talk to, what services we may engage in, and where we go to look for relationships or play. Censorship at its finest!!


Stepping off my soap box, it's almost time for me to hit the road again! The last month of staying home doing taxes, and dealing with FOSTA-SESTA has made me hungry for the pavement! LOL

HOUSTON, TX - May 17-21, 2018

I'll be in Houston, TX between the above dates, staying in the Bush Intercontinental Airport area. I'm available for private sessions, Spank University workshops, and kinky coaching appointments when I'm not spending time with my spank-family.

TENT-SHANNON, IRELAND - June 10-16, 2018

My immediate spanky family will be headed to the west side of Ireland in mid June to celebrate birthdays. I'm still unsure of whether I will have a location to session out of (which would be a show stopper, sadly) but I welcome inquiries, especially from folks who know the area well!

DALLAS, TX - June 21-25, 2018

I'll be in Dallas TX for the Texas All State Spanking Party! I'll not only be attending, but I will be teaching a class, vending my straps, participating in the Girls School event, and in general making some spanky mischief. If you care to see me for a spanking, hit me up through my website soon (I always book up well in advance).

LAS VEGAS, NV - August 30-September 4, 2018

I'll be in Las Vegas for the annual Shadow Lane Labor Day party! This will be my twelfth Shadow Lane party, I've been coming since 2007! I drive to this one, so I can bring any props or costumes with me. To look at a list of role play outfits, visit my Application.

CHICAGO, IL - October 11-14, 2018

Heading back to Chicago for one of my absolute favorite spanking parties, Crimson Moon. There was a change of management last year, Mr Rob of Delco Spankos has taken ownership of CM, but will be keeping most of the staff from previous years, so this October's party should follow all those CM traditions we know and love. Because Crimson Moon has decided to have only one weekend party per year, I'm designating October is Crimson Moon month!

ST LOUIS, MO - November 15-19, 2018

The focus of my travels for 2018 is heavily spanko related, but I am scheduled to return to St Louis for their annual Spanksgiving event. I'll most likely be presenting my Strips, Straps and Strops class, along with my Domestic Style Discipline class. While not a spanko event, this BDSM conference is off the hook fun. The entire host hotel is booked for this large event, so that just inside the doors, one can roam freely in fetish gear or no gear!

DETROIT, MI - December 6-9, 2018

Take 2! Last year's trip to Detroit was cancelled at the last minute after my husband wound up in the ER. I was so looking forward to attending, presenting at, and vending at the Metro Detroit Spanking Society holiday party, I begged to try again! So all you Detroit area spankos, I hope to see you there!

EDMONTON, CANADA - May 2-6, 2019

These days, I tend to book out presentations a year in advance, and this one is no different. I visited Edmonton a few years back to present for their local group, Training Tea Time. Edmonton is hosting a new event these days, called EWOKD (Edmonton Weekend of Kink and Debauchery). I'm so looking forward to returning to this amazing community in the northland!


Thanks again for reading!!


Miss Chris

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