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Gearing up for a hot summer of Spanking!

When googling Summertime Spanking, one of my old OTKMom images come up!
"Summertime Spanking"

In looking up Google images about Summertime Spanking, one of my very own images popped up. Only the caption said it belonged to a Strict Julie Spanks! Uh oh. Now, intellectual property theft happens all the time in this business. One always hopes that it's an accidental use, they didn't know any better, and they retract (although with fellow peers, that's really a hard pill to swallow thinking they don't know any better). Sometimes, a request for credit or removal goes well. Sometimes, it doesn't, and I'm led to believe the theft was done on purpose. But good news in this case, not only did Julie admit her wrongdoing, she actually wanted to make amends (how refreshing!).

Now, this picture was from my OTK Mom work, I believe it was from 2008 or 2009. I sent her a short but concise email, because although it happens all the time, it still sucks and I will always try and do something about it. Here is the gist of the conversation if you would like to follow it:

Now, the borders are still closed, and this fine spanking lady is up in Toronto, Ontario. I think that as soon as the borders between the US and Canada open up in earnest, this lady owes me a trip over my knee for this little misbehavior. Either up in Toronto, or down here at my Beat -n- Bed. What do you all think? ;-)

PlaySpace Improvements

I'm in a cleaning out phase at Ironwood Terrace. Since moving my workshop and office into my main house, I've been freeing up space and alleviating privacy concerns from my budding BnB. Right now, I'm doing some overnight testing, and for all intensive purposes it's working out grandly. While I've gotten some requests, I haven't gotten it quite 100% ready for clients, yet. But I'm getting very close, and my minions and guinea pigs are telling me great things about their experiences. Some have just been lodgers, other sessions include socialization, meals and outings, and some have even included middle of the night administrations of domestic discipline. Since I've gotten my new doors, and carport gates, I've been able to spank in my vintage 1970's kitchen, and even outside in my carport area, within hearing distance of just anyone going by on the street not feet away. It's dangerously thrilling, yet safe and discreet at the same time. It joins poolside in the backyard for some quick outdoor spanking opportunities, and my new cage (yes, I said cage) for more domestic confinement options.

The next phase of my renovation includes bringing in contractors, so for the next 6 weeks, I'll only be accepting a very limited number of in-person sessions for afterhours and weekends. Except if someone would like to be overheard a tad *winks*. Oh, the price to pay for improvement!

Wearable Word Play

Catch a glimpse through a window into my spank obsessed brain with these fun t-shirts! Infamous for my party naming word play, I was noodling around with website design and logos when the first image came to me. Simple, subtle, commanding, and something I say all the time. The gears started churning. Soon, my mind was seeing, hearing and *feeling* excitement at just the titillating commands I was envisioning. If I were getting a secret spanky thrill thinking of these, what would folks think about wearing them? ;-)

Since August and September are still a go for DomConLA and Shadow Lodge, that means vendor fairs and live bodies for show and tell, so I'm furiously building inventory. I'm looking forward to watching the expressions on peoples faces when they check out these high quality 100% premium cotton tee's in our "love language".

My etsy store is going gang busters these days! Having a rating of 4.9 out of 5.0, with over 250 sales over the course of 3 years means I'm considered a well rated and high sales vendor. With my personalization of each and every order with mini care kits and small hand written notes, I'm able to connect with every person who orders from me. This is especially important during COVID, a personal touch can bring a smile on a face otherwise somber. And it makes me feel like I'm touching people I wouldn't otherwise. #grateful

Get in on the ground floor by pre ordering yours before the parties start up again as I will have a very limited inventory on hand at events. Head on over to my etsy store Miss Chris Texas Toys for the Spanky T Shirts item, and a few other nice items. Check out my April sale! T shirts are your typical men's crew neck style and cost $24.99. Domestic shipping is ~$5. Shipping estimates vary between 2-6 weeks out.

Personal Updates and Travel Plans

After traveling by plane twice in March, I now can see I was a bit too late in returning to the travel game if I wanted an uncongested, minimally crowded experience. The airports were packed, middle seats were full and stand by travel was limited. Although both trips were very much needed personal closure after a years worth of grief, I am quite happy to be at home again with my menagerie. Which is not to say I won't be ready to travel when it's time to. All of my summer trips are still a go as of this posting; Dulles Virginia in July, Los Angeles California in August and Las Vegas Nevada in September. Although I haven't yet responded to previous inquiries, I will be soon, and in the order that I receive them. It's almost spanking time, yo!

Bottom Warmingly,

Miss Chris

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i like the renovations you doing MISS CHRIS


Enjoyed the update Miss Chris. It makes my heart glad to know that you are doing well.

By the by, from one writer to another, the correct phrase is “for all intents and purposes,” not “for all intensive purposes.” Common mistake.

Hope that pointing out your grammatical error doesn’t earn me a trip across your lap, bottoms up. Or on second thought . . .



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