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Happy Independence Day Weekend, all!

Well, I'm a little late to the game here, but I thought I would combine a couple announcements into one! Here I am featuring a lovely spanking art piece by one of my boys, badfranz. I've been spanking badfranz for many many years now, I never knew he made this kind of artwork. How fun!

Firstly, I hope you're having a lovely July 4th weekend! Here in Phoenix, it's 116 degrees, so there is certainly no outdoor BBQ'ing in my future. We also didn't climb up on the roof last night to watch the fireworks, too blasted hot. But I'm enjoying taking my time in my AC'ed workshop getting my inventory caught up for the Oasis Labor Day Spanking Party at the end of August. But I'm jumping ahead of things!

Truth be told, there is just so much going on with me, and more to be announced soon that I don't know even how to organize this massive blog posting. So I will dive right in with the new stuff!

The most exciting new news by far is that I'll be going on another two city tour in October, namely to WASHINGTON DC and PHILADELPHIA PA. I'll be taking sessions like usual there. But I'll also be attending a very popular kink event, called Risque, where I will be a "resident top" helping out my good friend with the masses of attendees who come to get a taste of the kink scene during this super popular monthly event.

Stay tuned for another incredible announcement regarding who will be touring with me, a very special guest that you will recognize if you were a fan of Firm Hand Spanking back in the day.

I'll be teaching a wide variety of in person and online classes coming up. First up, I hope to be offering my Introduction to the Spanking Scene before the August 16th APEX Back to School Spanking Party. I then should be debutting my brand new class, Domming from a Distance, Serving from Afar for Black Thorn the weekend August 17-18th. I'm back at APEX teaching on Victorian Style Discipline in full blown Victorian regalia on August 26th. And then I'm back to APEX teaching on Dollification 101 on December 2nd.

Lots of parties coming up, too! As I mentioned, I'll be cohosting a spanking only party at the APEX dungeon on Friday August 16th when we can have the entire space to ourselves for our specific type of impact play. I hope to involve some of the usual Spank University activities, like a costume contest, vendors, raffle and silent auction to benefit the club, as well as have our typical high quality pot luck. Let's show the BDSM'ers how it's done spanko style, shall we?

Next up, is the Oasis Labor Day Spanking Party between August 29-September 2nd. I'll be vending and taking sessions during this epic party in Las Vegas. Looking forward to possibly collaborating with an as yet unannounced Spanker.

After my jaunt to Las Vegas, I'll be heading to Tampa, FL where I'll be attending the Gulf Coast Sandcastle Society Spanking Party for the very first time. I've heard such amazing things about this party, I'm tremendously excited! I'll be vending there, as well as making an appearance at an unannounced activity or two. winks

My plans are still up in the air regarding the Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston, TX in November. If you are interested in seeing my plans firm up, please do contact me to express your interest. (It will help me get there if I know you're interested).

OK, I think I have summed up my fantastic announcements for now, and will let you get back to your holiday weekend. Happy 4th of July, all!


Miss Chris

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