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Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines day to you! Whether or not you have a significant other(s) in your life, Valentines day is about love. So make this time of year about self love. I say, love yourself enough to get spanked! Having a nice warm bottom will fill you with love no matter how it got red, so pick up a nice spoon or bath brush, and do yourself the honors.


I've added new trips to my calendar including DALLAS TEXAS in July, DETROIT MICHIGAN in August, and NEWARK NEW JERSEY in September. My trips have been booking very early, so if you're interested in seeing me anywhere, don't wait.


Supply chain issues are just killing my store. I've had to obsolete half my items due to an inability to secure the type of high quality leather I'm famous for. However what I do have is still extensive. My new Loopy Texans are made with wrapped leather handles now. My Texas Twisters now come with a double handle. I have Texas Tawses in a rainbow of colors. I can customize my Texas Bull Pizzles with any kind of decoration or theme imaginable. Visit my store and take a look around:


Finally, I thought I would give you a little teaser of some Little House on the Prairie clips I have being created and released. Here's a little brushing of Willie Olesen by Mrs Ingalls.

Enjoy, my spanky friends and fans!

Miss Chris

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