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Heads up, Atlanta!

That's right, in two short weeks I'll be in Atlanta Georgia between May 19-23 for private sessions, a class, and in person coaching. There's still time in my schedule but it's going fast!


If you are in the 19-39 year old range, you are invited to my class, Strips, Straps & Strops at the 1763 dungeon. I taught this same class back in 2018 before my world broke, and it was so popular they want it again. I'm delighted to present again by popularity!


The Cane for Ukraine fund raising event was a success! $1300 raised which went directly to Voices of Children, a Ukrainian children's charity. Thank you to each and every participant whether you donated or not. Jenni and I feel better about taking part in easing the suffering of children in need.


Miss Chris

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