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Historic Kansas City & Spankings in Siouxland

Although this post trip update is late (which will be explained in a bit), I'm so excited to tell you about one of my most amazing trips to date! KANSAS CITY, MO at the end of January was so jam packed with incredible things, I just have to share.

ann-margret, the proprietress of IX Kansas City saw me present at last year's Oklahoma Leather Fest, and approached me to come to KC while I was still putting away my technology. A year later, I'm on my way back to my old stomping grounds (I lived in KCMO briefly in 1998-1999). In order to save the club some money (they are a non-profit and 100% volunteer run), I agreed to lodge in the on site apartment they affectionately called the "Staff Lounge". Well, little did I know what exactly was in store for me!

IX KC moved into this space in the historic West Bottoms district of Kansas City, MO back in 2016. The building itself is over 10,000 sq feet, and dates back to 1913 (although some evidence does prove that it could be older by 20 years or so). This amazing structure was home to a speakeasy during Prohibition, a music hall for very early jazz and blues musicians (Charlie Parker got his start on the small stage upstairs!), and home to one of the most corrupt city managers in all of Kansas City history, Tom Pendergast ( The building is the only remaining structure from when the area was known as the "Wettest Block in the World". Dating back from the 1890's, every single establishment in this part of town was either a saloon, gambling hall, house of prostitution, burlesque or sex show venue. This wild history continued until 1939 when Pendergast got popped for income tax evasion. To learn more about this incredible historic find, go here:

Some unique characteristics/observations about this building, and then I'll shut up about it (can you tell it really flips a switch for me?): the crumbling brick exterior rumbled and shuddered when a big enough truck went by; I saw daylight and heard mourning doves in the AM's coming from the rafters right above my head; I felt the cool gorgeous original black and white hexagonal tile underfoot; the authentic claw foot bathtub in the Staff Lounge was so inviting; the original bar and stools from the speakeasy and the pressed tin ceilings made me feel like I fell back into time; and the imposing starkness of the all cement downstairs dungeon made me shiver with naughty anticipation.

There were many highlights of this trip outside of the architectural and cultural history. Friday evenings age play class and ensuing littles party was incredible! Over 30 Bigs and littles came out in freezing temperatures, and I'm told for a Friday those numbers were record breaking! On Saturday evening, we had even more folks come out for my straps class, about 75. I was happy to sell a few straps, too. And the ensuing KCSpanks party with Ms Portia was a blast (man, that lady knows how to swing a paddle!) But by far, the absolute biggest highlight for me came late Saturday night, when the private Rat Pack themed cigar/cocktail birthday party in the Staff Lounge started passing around the "Playboy Bunnies" for spankings. I was approached by two individuals at the same time, offering me my choice between two beautiful, fish net stocking'ed, cotton tailed bottoms! Well, who wants to choose?!?! I have two hands, and two legs! The double OTK spanking I gave in time to a Kansas City jazz tune left me breathless, bowing and grinning for a standing ovation. Sadly, it happened so spontaneously no pictures or video were captured. But I will never forget this amazing memory!!! Thanks so much IX KC, I hope to see you all again next year!!

Anyone who has contacted me with a request for a private session recently already knows that around the first of the new year, my back "went out". A degenerative condition usually seen in the elderly, I received the lovely gift of spinal stenosis from my Italian grandmother, and it started in my early 40's. When my back goes out, I can do absolutely nothing. No position is comfortable, and the lifting of limbs makes it worse. Which of course means that spanking is right out.

Typically, this lasts a week to two, and I'm back in the saddle again, right as rain. This time however, seems to be different. Countless chiropractors, massage therapists, trigger point injections, therapy collars, back braces, steroid shots and x-rays later, I continue to suffer from a squicky back. I've had to cancel more appointments than I care to think about, and I even had to cancel Las Vegas in February *pout*. As of the writing of this blog entry, I'm back in the saddle, but nursing a sore back afterwards. Please be patient with me and my persnickety back, it will get better, I promise!!!

On March 22nd, I'll be back on the road to SIOUX CITY, IA on my quest to spank the entire Midwest! LOL reddelish, an organizer from the Bound in Siouxland group, tapped me to come present at their annual Kink on the River weekend after a presentation I did for the Oklahoma Power Exchange last year (I believe). Siouxland is a tough area of the country to find any kind of kink, so this trip will be especially satisfying. I find the smaller towns in the Midwest to be full of enthusiastic, welcoming kinksters and spankos with a very down to earth vibe. Kink on the River gets started with a social and open play party on Friday evening, March 23rd. All day Saturday will be taken up with 4 classes between myself and a fascinating gentleman who goes by the name SwitchJake. Both of my classes are on spanky topics, "Domestic Style Discipline" and "Strips, Straps & Strops". I'll be vending, and I'm being auctioned off for a scene on Saturday night. Will you be my next play partner in Sioux City??

On Sunday March 25th I head back north to SIOUX FALLS, SD, where I'm available for a ridiculously few private appointments before heading out first thing on Monday morning. Now, if I get more serious requests than I can accommodate, I can and will add another day/evening in Sioux Falls. Let's hear from you, Siouxlanders!!

Spanks for reading!!

Miss Chris

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