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Imitation is Flattery? I think not

Imitation is not flattery, it's theft, and I have had it!!! Whether it's poor form, blissful ignorance, purposeful malevolence or pretending to be someone they aren't, ripping off someone's intellectual property is never a good idea, but it's been happening to me an awful lot lately nonetheless. Since my last blog entry, a disobedient wife claiming ignorance, uploaded a private video clip her husband took of our time together, to SpankingTube (of all places)! My little elves, who are always out there watching and waiting, reported the naughty wife within hours of the culprits' upload. Within a few more hours, the individual was reprimanded, and a part 2 punishment spanking scheduled for later in the month. The individual will be dealt with exactly the way they should be.

I wish I could take care of this next offense I've known about for a while the same way I did the wife! But to spank another professional disciplinarian just isn't realistic. A woman in Atlanta has lifted my old website's text almost word for word. I will forego naming the disreputable individual here like I have in the past when it comes to reprehensible fellow "professionals", but anyone familiar with my old website doesn't have far to look. I'm sure she will find out she's been busted once enough of my bad referrals get around (anyone in Atlanta GA looking for a Disciplinarian, contact me before you book anyone you might later regret).

You know it's wrong, but you've shrugged it off for years as a victimless crime. No one really gets too hurt when someone steals their brainpower, right? WRONG. I've put blood, sweat and tears into the last 15 years of spanking, which I've done largely in front of cameras. Sure, I'm not syndicated, I don't make royalties as some have posited. But every photo, video, or blurb of text required effort, time and resources. I not only had the idea, but I put it out there, and marketed it. No one deserves to benefit in any way from my work but me. The next time you're thinking of ripping someone's work off, DON'T.

In the last 6 months, I've had a photo stolen, some of my writings lifted, a video clip nicked, and a critical piece of IP brazenly "adopted" by someone with a history of content and consent violations which happen to be perfectly legal, but entirely unethical. So, yeah, I'm done with this, I'm done staying quiet, and I'm done with the assholes in this world thinking that MY hard work is up for grabs because they are too lazy or unimaginative to do it themselves.


So, at the risk of creating more content that will just be absorbed and spit back out by some other moron, I will say that after almost a year I've finally returned interview answers to Andy Cano from his "Someone's Gonna Get It" blog. You can read the interview, which is about my TV performance on The Doctors, filmed back in July 2019 here: I know this is old information for many of you, but it might refresh your memory on something that someone decidedly cannot steal from me and claim as their own, LOL.

I have done other online interviews lately which I will post when I know more info. And I might even have another live interview podcast coming up too. Stay tuned for more details!


Here are my upcoming trips for the rest of the year:

  • CONFIRMED: Dulles, VA - July 2021

  • CONFIRMED: Los Angeles, CA - August 2021

  • CONFIRMED: Nashville, TN - September 2021

  • CONFIRMED: Chicago, IL - October 2021

  • TENTATIVE: Tampa, FL - November 2021

I'm accepting engagements for all of the confirmed trips, although scheduling preference will be given to Dulles and LA. Dulles, LA and Nashville are all 50% booked already and we still have a few months to go, so if you're interested don't wait. If you're interested in Tampa, please send me an email with Tampa in the subject line and I will get back to you as soon as I know something further on that trip.

Happy June everyone!


Miss Chris

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My vids are pirated every hour of every day. I'm always sending out letters. My commissioned artwork is all over spank books on amazon and the procedure to get them taken down is totally fucked and not worth the damned bother. Kinda sucks, don't it?

Eve Howard from Shadow Lane

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