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It's time to step away...

It's been just over one year since we got my husband's cancer diagnosis. And while we have beaten the odds by almost 7 months, it is time to step away from the treatment centers and hospitals, the stark fluorescent lights and the smell of astringent. We have fought the good fight, but my husbands' admittance to hospice this past week signals our last hoorah.

I am going out of my office on full time bereavement leave as I care for my husband in our home of 24 years, during his final weeks. Well wishes, support and condolences are always welcome and appreciated, and while I'll read each and every note of yours, you can understand my replies will be sparse. Any snail mail can reach me physically at Miss Chris, PO Box 33873, Phoenix, AZ 85067. I will be unavailable via text, phone or webcam through my business phone number. Regardless of the coronavirus, all of my travels have been cancelled as I stay bedside.

This past year has taught me some incredibly valuable lessons, the least of which is how powerful love is. Tell your loved ones you love them, loudly and profusely, and never stop showing them. Every day is truly a gift.

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