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"Kansas City, Kansas City (& Omaha, then Vegas) here I come...."

It's a brand spankin' new year, and I'm taking my show on the road again to visit with my friends, new and old, over in Kansas City, MO January 25-29, 2018. So many things will be happening in my old stomping grounds of KCMO, I'm bursting to tell you!

Doubles Sessions with Ms Portia Spanks (Jan 25-29, 2018) in the West Bottoms, KCMO

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and play alongside Ms Portia during the last Shadow Lane Labor Day party back in September. She is a fabulous lady, a superb spanker, and a fun woman with a wicked sense of humor. We are offering doubles sessions throughout my visit in the historic West Bottoms district. Privacy is ensured, and you can holler as loud as you would like in this unique play space. Contact either of us, if you're interested in setting something up!

2 Workshops, 1 Littles party & 1 Spanking party @ IX Kansas City (Jan 26-27, 2018)

On January 26, I will have the pleasure of presenting a workshop on Age Play. This is an all around introduction to Age Play, with forays into some of the deeper aspects of this incredibly nurturing, and healing type of play. Particularly welcome are folks who might confuse this type of play with something far more sinister, like pedophilia. I'm a big advocate of education, especially when it comes to controversial types of play like this. Following the presentation, there will be a Littles friendly playtime party, separated from the rest of the playspaces.

On January 27, I return to IX to teach Strips, Straps & Strops, a class all on our favorite material, LEATHER. This workshop has a bit more hands on application than the Age Play class, as we'll break most of the way through for practice, real time questions, technique honing, etc. Bring a partner, or be daring and volunteer to be paired up with someone on the other side of the slash! I'll be bringing a small selection of my Texas Saddle Straps to vend. It makes a great starter strap for new-to-topping types, and for those who already have a notch or two on their belts (pun intended), it delivers both sting and thud, and can even be used OTK.

After the SSS workshop, I'm teaming up again with Ms Portia and her group, KCSpanks, to co-host a spanking party for the good folk of the KCMO area. Spankos will have our own play space, separated from the rest of the playspaces.

Each evening costs $15/per person for both the class as well as the after party. To qualify for entry to either the presentations or parties, you must be a vetted member of IX KC (

Inaugural Spanking Weekend by the Omaha Spanking Society (Feb 1-4, 2018)

Come join me in Omaha, NE for the first ever Paddling on the Prairie spanking weekend. I'll be getting into town on Thursday Feb 1 in preparation for a very busy party!! I will be presenting my Strips, Straps and Strops class again for any mid-westerners who couldn't make it to Kansas City. I'll also be vending my Texas Saddle Straps during the vendor fair. Finally, I've committed to hosting the events F/m party, which I'm calling the Ladies in Power Hour (or the LIP Hour). When I'm not at an event activity, I am also available for private sessions, doubles sessions with Ms Portia, and doubles sessions with MaMa Blue (pictured below).

"Las Vegas, the city of lights"........ Let's light you up!!! (Feb 22-26, 2018)

I'm happy to announce I'll be returning to Sin City to spend time with friends between Feb 22-26, 2018. I'm available for all sorts of shenanigans (including doubles sessions with MaMa Blue), and will have a very free and easy schedule. I might even get a chance to finally get to one of the spanking halls, like this one!

As usual, if you're interested in seeing me privately, or with another Disciplinarian, wish for a custom Spank University workshop on all topics spank related, or would like to buy a Texas Saddle Strap, inquire within!!!

Bottom Warmingly,

Miss Chris

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