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Lights, Camera, Action!

I've had a number of podcasts, videos and interviews come out recently (even one from 2019!) so I thought I would share with you all.

Back in September 2019 while in Las Vegas for Shadow Lane's very last Labor Day party, I did a video interview with C and N from Strict Wives in which I wax poetic about all things spanking. While Part 1 was released a few weeks ago, Part 2 is so fresh to hit the airwaves I haven't seen it myself, yet. And there's a 3rd clip of some traditional spanking phrases uttered by yours truly also listed under the Strict Wives page. All clips can be viewed via Strict Wives' LoyalFans site here: for a small subscription fee. Huge thanks to C, N and Strict Wives for shaking off the cobwebs and finding this little gem from a time not too long ago that seems like it's from another lifetime.

Although there is a marginally inadequate photo they have used to draw in attention, my SimplySxy email interview does have some more spanky pics I've included for authenticity. You can find that interview here:

More recently recorded (July 2021) is my interview with @AGoodSpankin from Florida whose podcast Never Too Old for AGoodSpankin features folks from the spanking community. This hour long, free podcast can be accessed here: I had a blast doing this interview with J and so appreciate the opportunity to talk freely with a fellow enthusiast, while you guys get the fly on the wall perspective, so to speak. I hope you all enjoy it!

As recently as last Friday, I live streamed an interview with Nicholas Tanek who runs the Your Kinky Friends podcast. Although Nicholas interviews all types of kinky folks and his audience is a generalized BDSM one, I found his questions to be so unique as to apply to everyone. I really enjoyed this interview in particular out of all the ones I'm listing today. Nicholas and I chatted for about 35 minutes, but we were able to touch on so many topics relating to this thing we do. A true fetish enthusiast, Nicholas has interviewed more than a few folks, check out his podcast Your Kinky Friends, and my interview with him here:

Enjoy these little glimpses through my eyes, gang!

Bottom Warmingly,

Miss Chris

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