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My "New Normal" Can Suck It!

I'm afraid I have some bad news to share with you all. I'm sorry to say, I won't be able to make it to the inaugural Shadow Lodge Party, after all. It makes me physically ill to have to miss this one as epic as I know it will be, but I just can't set aside my new normal for fun this time. Choosing self care and family obligation over fun and money making can make one feel quite old, but we know already this "new normal" can suck it. So, join me in telling the world it can suck it, Impractical Jokers style (although as a non Staten Islander, *I* apparently can suck it, LOL).

Still, the awesomeness that is Joe (@DrLectr) will be in full effect in Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend, and many awesome people will be attending. I hope you will take this opportunity to frequent to our little corner of the Southwest (AZ, NV, NM) more often to visit any of the amazing local, regional or national groups in the area, including Shadow Lane/Lodge, the Arizona Spanking Society, Arizona Spankos! and my own Spank University, which were all active up until COVID, and which will all be active again to serve our local communities in 2021.

As disappointing as my announcement is, I do still have other big confirmed trips planned this year, like DULLES, VA at the end of July, and CHICAGO, IL mid October. And a little birdy might be in the process of finalizing details for a quickie trip to NASHVILLE, TN at the end of September. So, as ever, stay tuned for more details.


My BnB is up and running in a limited capacity, but I continue to add bells and whistles. A vintage West Bend coffee perk is now in the kitchen alongside the matching vintage avocado green pots and pans. There's overnight accommodations for 4, kitchen set for 6 if someone wants to do a little home cooking or serving while they are here. And what space would be complete without a full antique silver tea set?!? Not mine, for sure!

With room for up to 4 cozy age players or the lone student looking for an intensive weekend, Miss Chris' Spankademy will open to enrollees sometime in the fall semester. This will be a fully immersive, academic themed, age play experience over a long weekend. Enrolled students can expect to learn the rules the hard way, as they have been sent to The Disciplinarium at Ironwood Terrace for their atrocious behavior at their previous school. Fully uniformed, until those are pushed aside, flipped up or taken down, the postulants will be expected to proudly and correctly wear their Spankademy clothing.

These will be taking place over a weekend, beginning Friday night and lasting until Sunday afternoon (depending on travelers schedules). If you're interested in this when it opens up, please send an email to me at with Spankademy in the title and I'll send you an invitation to be on my Spankademy mailing list.


Our home renovations continue to kick our ass, and in typical fashion the time allotted has needed to be doubled due to house quirkiness. The bath should have been completed as of last week, but they are only halfway done, so this is pushing my own scheduling out as I can't spank while the crew is here after all (damn that consent thing! LOL). So, I've been working late, on weekends and holidays to make up for my unavailability. But there's that "new normal" thing again. I'm starting to think this reno will never end, that I'll continue to have to traverse my entire house just to pee, forever and ever. First world problems *shrugs* LMAO.

Next up, a kitchen redo, but this one will involve much more shared area, so my schedule will be even more impacted than with the bath remodel. Thank heavens my usually deafening Dremel doesn't sound like anything compared to the jack hammers, because my Dremel is definitely getting its workout while I wait for my playspace to open up!

I'm not exactly sure what's going on with Etsy, but they seem to have started to really advertise me somewhere on the platform, and I just can't seem to keep anything in stock (which I'm not complaining about). My store is becoming almost a full time job in and of itself, with quite a few international orders. I come out with new stock, and new designs all the time, including this little number. I call it my Texas Sting. Solo it's a gorgeous short range toy, but double it and spank percussively with them both for where it's really at!

For more new releases, check out my full product catalog online here: . For my next vendor show to see my stuff in person, look towards DomConLA in August in LOS ANGELES, CA.

That's it folks, from My Lap to your eyes, over and out.


Miss Chris

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