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New email, take 2! Shannon Ireland is a GO!!

Last week, I happily posted my new email address, through Protonmail, a very secure, encrypted way to send and receive email so it is not viewable via transmission. I didn't do my homework before settling on this product (yes, I know, a spankable offense!), so when I started the mammoth task of migrating my mountain of email, I soon found out the product won't work for me, even the paid version! SO, I've done some more research, and have another new primary email. You can reach me now at I will be removing the Protonmail account entirely shortly after I migrate the new emails to Hushmail.


Detention with Northern Spanking

Here's a picture blast from the past! From a 2013 Northern Spanking shoot in the UK, comes this Detention themed pic! Why Detention themed??? Well, funny you should ask! I'm in negotiations with an Irish spanko to bring the Miss Chris game to Ireland during my personal vacation with some spanko family members. The event isn't confirmed yet, but I'm told it's a shoe in. Should it come off, it will be taking place June 8-10th, 2018 by Shannon, Ireland. I will have a wonderful place to session out of, so I'm formally opening my calendar for appointments during the weekend. If you would like to see me during my visit, come to the event and/or book an appointment with me!


Finally, it's not too late to come to my Spanking Mild to WILD! class tonight at the Arizona Power Exchange. New member orientation begins at 7pm, and the class goes from 7:30pm to roughly 9:30pm. The cost is a mere $6.00. You can even help me with my demos!!! :-)


Miss Chris

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