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New trip to Atlanta GA July 19-23, 2018

Peach butt

You have asked, and I'm answering!!! The most requested location since I started my Destination Poll is Atlanta, GA. So, guess where this spanker lady will be between July 19-23, 2018??

I haven't been to Atlanta since 2011, when I won the DomConATL Special Guest of Honor the first time, and I attended a party at 1763, the local BDSM club. Sadly, 1763 will be closing down in June after 15 years of play and education in Atlanta. I hope the Spanking Club of Atlanta will find a new home soon!


Some necessary changes will be taking place on my website after the passing of FOSTA SESTA earlier this month. Sadly, I will not be able to roll out the Members Only section I was hoping to. Even more tragically, I will have to take down some of the more titillating photos on my site, much to the dismay of those who asked and asked for me to post photos after having to purge them in 2016 due to personal matters. Some language also has to change, and a refocus of branding showcasing my coaching and educational talents. Finally, I will have to migrate to a new email platform. Protonmail is located in Switzerland and is completely encrypted from end to end. Which means, it's much more safe, less hackable, and cannot be plucked from the internet. My new email address is


That's it for now! Next stop, APEX for Spanking Mild to Wild! on Monday April 23rd, and again for Canin' Abel: Biblical in Proportions on Monday May 7th.


Miss Chris

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