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November Renovation & Sessions

While I'm super disappointed to not have an in call play space throughout the month of November 2023, I am incredibly excited for the changes to come which I've been ruminating on for the last 5 years. My playspace bathroom is vintage pink, how appropriate for a Spanker Lady, no? Since the tile is obsolete, I'll be keeping most of it, fear not! Here's a list of the changes due: an expanded lighted closet to replace the antiquated dark and close closet; doors to replace the curtains; removal of the soffit above the shower; re-laying the shower floor creating a bathable tub; addition of a sky light; replacing a new light fixture with a vintage one; retiling the floor.

Do you have memories from my playspace bathroom? Did you get a mouth soaping over my vintage basin? How about forcibly scrubbed down in the shower? Maybe you stood in front of my medicine cabinet gazing longingly at all the ointments, tinctures, and unguents I use on the daily? Don't worry, I'll still have plenty of those things available after the reno, too.

In preparation for a lean month, I've rented a local midtown Phoenix vacation home on November 16-18 so I can accept a very limited number of appointments. Will you be in town and looking for that perfect spanking to bring in the holiday season? Contact me via email ( or application ( As usual, I will be available for remote sessions, Obedience programs, software filtering programs and other remote tools for the entirety of November. And hopefully come December I'll be finally open and functional for my Spank University party on December 9th.


Miss Chris

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