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Post Pandemic Paddlings

The Arizona vaccine band aid and proof of vaccination sticker
Who wants a PPP?

From unexpectedly getting the vaccine, to web buster sales on my Etsy site, and from new sanitization systems at Ironwood Terrace, to a website rebuild and rebrand, the last 6 weeks have been jam packed. I even had to take a break from the shenanigans on social media to razor focus my concentration (not too hard, I gotta say!). And along with lots of updates to the website and my stores, I also have some very exciting news to share with you about a couple of spanky passion projects I'm working on in light of the pandemic coming to a close with folks getting their vaccines. Finally, I'm going to be getting back to traveling on a personal level here in March, so I anticipate hitting the road for business come April. Will I be in your neck of the woods this year? Hmmm, could be!

So, sit back and relax, get a cuppa or glass, and let's talk spanking!


A Happy Little Accident

I wasn't anticipating even qualifying for the vaccine before springtime, nor getting the vaccine itself before summertime, but due to an incredible series of events I not only was able to tag along when Jenni got hers, but get fully vaccinated before just about anyone else in my family (blood or choice). Which means of course, that my lap is not just a place of discipline and comfort but of safety, too. *winks*

I'm back up to pre COVID (and pre passing) production levels here at my playspace, so if you've been waiting to book in-person RL time with me, don't wait any longer! I'm booking up a few weeks in advance now due to lessened session time dedicated in my calendar, so plan ahead.


More Upgrades to Ironwood Terrace

I've acquired two "game changers" with regards to keeping my playspace and upcoming Beat-n-Bed™ rental sparkling clean and sanitized. I had an air scrubber cartridge installed to my HVAC system in my playspace which eliminates 99.99% of germs and bacteria in the air. And then I invested in an antibacterial fogging machine for all the surfaces. Clean air, clean skin, clean surfaces, clean toys -- but the mind is still deliciously dirty! *winks*


Etsy Store Going Nuts

My product partners have really come through this past month with lots of incredible new stock, and I've up ticked production to correspond with an attempt at the DomConLA vending fair in August 2021. I'll be uploading 9 new Roger Patterson elk tipped whips, 30+ Andrew Morgan rattan canes, and 15+ Maple Jokari paddles from Aloha John soon (

In order to use up older material before restocking (I only have a certain amount of room in my workshop, and a clear objective to clear out old inventory before buying more) I'm running a March sale on my Texas OTK Straps, of which I have 9 colors to choose from right now. Use coupon code TXOTK2021 at checkout to receive 15% off these little silent stingers.


Massive Website Updates

Benjamin Franklin said "Out of adversity comes opportunity" and I'm grateful to have made a mental shift recently in my favor that fits into this quote. Starting with my families horrible outing back in 2016, my husbands initial diagnosis and treatment in 2017, failed surgeries of shoulder and hand in 2018, Hubby's final diagnosis/treatment/death of 2019, and of course the devastation from COVID in 2020, I have wanted to give up many times over the years, to go back into hiding, lick my wounds knowing I had good reason to just give up. But that's not me, and that's not what my husband would want of me. I'm constantly reminded of his strength, his integrity and his work ethic when I contemplate throwing in the towel.

So, when 6 weeks ago some more personal tragedy hit, and the panic attacks started a fresh, I had to make a decision.....for me and my family. No more giving my energy or attention to situations and people I cannot influence. The Universe can be unfair, get over it, but Karma is a thing so place my hope and faith in that. Some people just aren't about professional integrity, synergistic collaboration, or doing things for the greater good of the community at large....and that's perfectly OK. For me though, I have to maintain a moral standard. I have to respect my elders, carry the torch, speak for those who can't. I have to stay accountable to myself and my industry admitting fault where there is some, and asking the painful questions about my own habits that make me a better Disciplinarian. I have to be the very best I can be, even if that means rising above the pack where I might prefer to be socially welcomed and popular.

So, in light of all this, and keeping in mind that after years of woeful updates to my website in which I did not sing my own praises, I've had to spend a lot of time recently bringing things up to speed. But I'm just about caught up. Forgive the few remaining cobwebs.

Welcome to my new Professional Services page on my website:

These are all the Professional Roles that I will be organizing under my umbrella business MC Coaching LLC:

Spankademy Founder (SpankMe)

Most of these subcategorical pages are up and posted with the exception of my existing Spank University page which still reflects our last SpankU party a little over a year ago. New to this entire listing is an electronic dog ear towards the establishment of my brand spankin' new RL event, the worlds first Spanko Educational Conference, Spankademy, hosted by Miss Chris, Spank University Event Planner. Just to be clear, I have no intention of going online with my events. Spanking is a RL activity, and I plan on keeping it very much socially undistant, and firmly within RL!


As you can imagine, with so much up in the air (LOL) my travel schedule is sparse. And with recent large national parties cancelling for 2021 4 months in advance, well it doesn't appear as if anyone wants to take a chance on risking things quite yet. While I imagine things will be quite a different ball game by the holidays 2021, I also thought that we would see parties by this last holiday season, so I'm obviously not very good at predicting the course of this. So, I've decided regardless of how the national parties turn out, I will be hitting the road outside of spanko or BDSM events. And just because someone decides to cancel an event I'm traveling in for, I will most likely still come to the area, so there! LOL

My first trip will be to DULLES, VIRGINIA in July 2021 for a sponsored trip with a very precious boy. I don't have exact dates yet, although I believe it will be the very last week in July. I do anticipate booking up fully (and maintaining a cancellation list), so if you know you're interested contact me ASAP (MC's Application) to get on my calendar.

2.5 weeks after my Dulles VA trip, I'm tentatively planning on heading to LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA in August 2021 to vend Miss Chris' Texas Toys at DomConLA. Now, this event has already been postponed 3 times, so I'm not confident at all that this event will come off. If it does come off, there is a very good chance that not enough people will attend to make my vending profitable enough to merit the trip. And of course any vending commitment always depends on whether I can make enough stock to sell at the event, because the faster I make my toys, the faster they seem to fly out of my store. Oh what a horrible problem to have! ;-)

1 week after DCLA, is the new-old Shadow Lodge Spanking Party in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA over Labor Day weekend early September 2021. Shadow Lodge will be run by Joe/DrLectr and has already been rescheduled once (Sept 2020). It's a really good choice for folks with years in the spanking scene, and minutes as Joe is one of those rare hosts who are "all ages and experiences welcomed". I'm sure it will be the perfect combination of Shadow Lane traditions with added 50 Freaks fun, should it remain on the calendars.

What with the new Midwest Spanktoberfest slated for October in CHICAGO ILLINOIS, that's 8 months worth of vaccines to get through, so I'm going to place my bet that this will be the first event to actually come close to being put on from a COVID perspective. Whether this event comes off or not, I will be coming to the Chicago Illinois area mid October!! Again, it will be a hot minute since I've been to Chicagoland, so I'll book up very much in advance. Don't wait to get on my calendar.

That takes me to the end of the year for tentative or confirmed travel. I do anticipate adding a couple of day/weekend trips within driving distance scattered in between personal and the occasional biz trip, so stay tuned for more trips to be added to this years docket. I'm looking at "day trips" to LA, San Diego, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Southern Colorado and Tucson.


Time to send this little (ugh, lol) update out to the Universe. My newest aim what with the demise of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, is to upload 99% of my content here, and distribute accordingly, with a blog posting 3x/month (or every 10 days or so). The blog postings will have all the posting, but the emails will only have a tiny portion of the posting so as not to overwhelm.

From My Lap to your bottom, Warmingly,

Miss Chris

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