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PPP's with MCTT's

With my last blog posting, I mentioned how many PPP's (post pandemic paddlings) I've been doing after getting my vaccine. But in between all of that, I've been designing my little heart out, and making tons of gorgeous pieces I'm passing along to you, my fanbase. As a 'pervertable artist' (or artistic pervert, both apply so your choice!) I love buying up various lengths and sizes of gorgeous American Western saddle leather. Sometimes, I don't immediately have a use for it, so I put it aside. Because every piece does have its' purpose, I hold onto them all until their real aspirations are revealed to me. Sort of like a sculpture, if you will. Lately, I've made it my goal to use up all the up until now unappreciated pieces of leather. It helps the motivation as I run out of space in my tiny workshop, LOL. So, this blog posting is dedicated to the toys, all new and some old, in my Etsy shop, Miss Chris' Texas Toys (MCTT).


New Toy Designs

I'll make this short and sweet by letting the pictures speak for themselves. First one up is by far the one I'm most proud of, and that's my Texas Bling belt strap. Part belt, part disciplinary art, these are made out of my famous 4mm thick Amish, super conditioned, high quality saddle leather from Texas. With a heavy silver and crystal buckle (in 1 of 6 colors), this strap is stingy and leaves gorgeous pointed welts. At ~28" long and 1 3/4" wide this is medium lengthened strap. From a Tops perspective, the handle feels really good and sturdy in the palm, and the leather can be wound around a hand to shorten up the strap for closer quarters. At $100, this is the most expensive strap I offer, but it's also the most highly tooled strap I make. They are not only wickedly functional but beautiful pieces you would be proud to own, perfect for the Top that already has one of everything, or the Top that loves a little sparkle in their toys.

Next up, is the exact opposite in looks, my unassuming, but nonetheless effective as hell, Texas Nun Strap. This little bad boy Jenni encouraged me to finish and put up, as I didn't think much of it until she sang its praises. At 13 inches long by 1.75" wide and 2 stacked 4mm lengths of stitched single ply differently finished Amish leather. Affixed with either silver or gold decorative screws, in either rounded or gently pointed handles, it feels super thuddy, and is great for OTK and for beginners. With dremelled, burnished and dyed edges this simple yet imposing strap is small and tough, just like a Texas Nun.

Texas Finger Strap

After literally years of holding onto these little numbers, I have finally found their purpose to be not finger floggers, but finger straps! My Texas Finger Strap is a pocket sized way to flick your fingers and give a stroke. By holding the swivel between your index and middle fingers, and 'towel flicking' the length gently, you have a measured way to issue a stroke. Putting two finger straps allows for double the punch with the same flick. And holding one in each hand is a nifty way to do an easy double strapping. As you can imagine with the dimensions this one has, it's super stingy, and is otherwise known as a "lazy Top toy" as it's so effortless for a Top to wield.

Jokari Style Paddle

I've finally restocked up on my Vintage Jokari Paddles and I have quite a few standard model, Champ model, Sportscraft Model and Pro Model versions. I've also loaded my New Old Stock Tote Tennis rackets which are rare and never before used. Some miscellaneous old wooden racket type paddles round out the Vintage Jokari Style Paddle category until I can upload photos of some of the more rare versions I've been collecting (I'm a Jokari whore, and I don't always like to get rid of Jokari's! LOL).

An example of a custom pizzle

With the weather very nice here of late, I've been able to get outside to do work on my Texas Bull Pizzles (aka Texas Ochensiemers), so now I have almost a dozen in stock, both with a variety of handles as well as handle-less. I've had a surprising amount of international inquiries about these fearsome beasts, and I'm delighted to do the extra steps necessary to ship internationally.

Finally, I wanted to plug my Texas Belt Straps (different from the new Texas Bling belt strap, I know confusing!) because for the first time since I've introduced them, I have a number of them in stock, instead of being perpetually sold out of them. The hardware has been varied up a bit between silver, nickle, gold, copper, black and brown but the leather is all the same!


While I can't take any credit for their manufacture, my arrangement with Andrew Morgan to provide me with rattan canes (including English school style crook handled canes), and Roger Patterson who is a singletail mastermind, has renewed me with enough whips and canes to last me a while. So head on over to these items Roger Patterson Whips and Andrew Morgan Canes to support my friends who make some awesome toys!


Enjoy these wicked toys for wicked joys, y'all!

Bottom Warmingly,

Miss Chris

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