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Sabbatical is over, onto the Motor City!


I wanted to say right out of the gate, how grateful I am to come back after a month long sabbatical (I didn't advertise it by the way, so don't feel bad if you didn't know!). I do these, many of us in this industry do these, to take some necessary time for rebuilding and renewing. This job/career/passion/obsession can be stressful. It's definitely physically and emotionally demanding, so I've learned I need to do something a little extra to keep myself balanced, and moving forward.

The idea of "taking some time off" was pretty foreign to me. As a self employed worker bee, no workie-no money, so I know I couldn't go on a traditional, unplugged, for me-myself-and-I vacation. So, I compromise. I take time "off" in the sense that I'm not taking income generating appointments. Rather, I take my freed up schedule, and use that time to work exclusively on a personal or professional goal. A couple years ago, I got my Professional Coaching Certification during a summer "off". As is often the case, this sabbatical was actually busier with activities than if I had focused on revenue! (what I have to do to survive the other 11 months out of the year).

This time off was only the month of August. But I got a tremendous amount done in such a short period of time. I'm working diligently on developing a better structured day, which will allow for more productivity, with less wasted time. Are you a procrastinator? I'm reading two great books by the leading author on self discipline, Brian Tracy. This Disciplinarian needs a couple lessons herself, in order that she may "guide" her clients better in the same ways!


DETROIT MICHIGAN - Sept 19-24, 2018

I *LOVE* the above song and video about Detroit! If the Motor City is burnin' now, you know it'll be an INFERNO after I'm done with it! *grins*

My trip to Detroit *is* coming up fast, and I do still have a couple of open spots left for private appointments (over my lap), a custom Spank U outreach program (for you and/or your group) and receiving some spanko love at the party. I'll be there between September 19-24, 2018. In my usual fashion, I'll be staying at a lovely extended stay location, and I'll have a private and immaculate suite of rooms available to me and my guests. When I found out that the Metro Detroit Spanking Society party was planned for the evening of my departure date, I got right to extending my stay so I could come to my first one (thank you Southwest Airlines!). I'm so excited to be finally attending an MDSS party, especially after having to cancel my trip last December due to a loved ones medical emergency (everything worked out, thanks for all your love and support during and after that time. You guys ROCK!).

While it is a single night party, I anticipate getting there on time, and staying until they kick me out! *laughs* I'll be available the entire night to give out as many spankings as I am physically able to (which, with the nicknames of the "Energizer Bunny of Spanking" and "The Machine" I can prove hands down!). I will also be bringing a very limited number of my infamous Texas Saddle Straps for sale. So come early to smell the leather, and imagine the burning backside in store for you or your bottom should you purchase one! BTW, I will be available throughout the party to either give some strokes, or take a stroke or two from interested parties. *winks*


CHICAGO ILLINOIS - Oct 11-15, 2018

Three weeks after my rescheduled inaugural trip to Detroit, I'll be heading back on the road, this time to the Chicago Illinois area between October 11-15, 2018 for the Crimson Moon Spanking Party. I will be vending a much larger array of Texas Saddle Straps at the open-to-the-public vendor fair (10am-4pm). I'll also be helping my good friend, MaMa Blue, at her F/m spanking event, the Dominas' Lounge on Friday between 3-5pm. I'm available during off-activity hours for other various endeavors *winks*!


ST LOUIS MISSOURI - Nov 15-19, 2018

To round out the next 3 months, I'll be heading back to my old stomping grounds of St Louis Missouri between November 15-19, 2018. Once again, my "posse" and I will descend on the St Louis area with all the pomp and circumstance of a veteran Spanksgiving go-er. The STL community is very welcoming to this Big Apple Girl turned Desert Rat. They even invite my family members and I to attend the "staff only" functions!

Spanksgiving is a very unique event. A BDSM conference, as opposed to a spanking party, this event encompasses all the different kinks under the Lifestyle Umbrella, not just our dear spanking scene, as the name would imply. I think I've managed over the years to become the go-to spanko on the presenter list, because this will mark my 5th or 6th STL3 event in St Louis. With an attendance of over 500, the entire host hotel is with the conference, so there is spanking in the halls, caning over the balconies, and you can look up the dresses of the little school "girls" in the glass elevator.

I'll be presenting the following classes: "Age Play 101", "Strips, Straps, & Strops", "Domestic Style Discipline", and "Victorian Style Discipline". The class descriptions can be found here: After the classes, I post a copy of the presentations here: And you can even look up and download the past 9 months worth of class presentations!


That's all, folks! From the Lap of Miss Chris, I'm OUT!

Miss Chris

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