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Slappy Few Rears!

It's a brand spanking new year, and I'm already fast at it. This Saturday January 6th I'm teaching my first class of the year, Female Led Domestic Discipline Relationships for Black Thorn, online. Come and join me, your favorite spanker lady as I discuss spanking, domestic discipline and 24/7 domestic discipline relationships.

On January 19th, Spank University will be kicking off the first event of the whole spanko weekend intensive at the Arizona Power Exchange, with a social at a midtown wine bar. Two days of classes, vendors, meals and parties will commence starting Saturday morning January 20th. This event is open to the public, you do not have to be an APEX member to buy tickets. And you can find tickets here: and here:

February will see my return to Las Vegas for the Oasis Presidents Day party. My calendar is open and accepting bookings for that party weekend. Book early for the best time slots.

May 2024 bring you all the spankings you wish to receive or give out. I know my big red palm will be ever itchy this year, won't you turn over my lap to relieve the itch? 😉


Miss Chris

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