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Slappy Holidays Spank University Party a SPANKTACULAR SUCCESS!

A HUGE THANKS to all who came out for this years SLAPPY HOLIDAYS Spank University party in Queen Creek, Arizona. We had a total of 60 people attend from all over the country. Here's the breakdown in numbers, keep in mind these numbers are all organic, we do not have gender pricing nor restrictions on who can come:

30 men & 30 women 23 Tops, 20 bottoms & 17 switches 25 singles & 35 who came as a part of a couple or group 51 existing members & 9 new members

Our silent auction generated a total of $436 which our members decided should go to the Sojourner Center of Arizona (

Reb & Circe are donating their portion of the door fees, $350, towards the APEX ( Wet Room/Dexter Box.

Congrats to crinkles who won the holiday wear contest. His elf costume won both for most festive and UGLIEST, lol. Thankfully, he spent much of the night outside directing car parking, otherwise I might have had to spank the ugly out of that outfit!!! And to the four folks winning raffle prizes (can't remember who all won besides katy-lynn, twice, but at least it wasn't Scott! LOL) more congrats.

Thanks to the people who came for the Straps demo, in particular April and Cheekie who helped me demonstrate!

The biggest of thanks goes to Reb & Circe for their amazing hospitality, and for all the minions who helped out! We cannot put on a party like this by ourselves, it is a wonderful communal effort!

I'm so blessed to have y'all! Spanks! And I hope to see you all next year!

Bottom Warmingly, Miss Chris

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