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Sober not Straight

Sober, but certainly not straight! *winks*

That's right, three years ago today I quit drinking. It's been hard but very gratifying. I appreciate all the help I got along the way. It hasn't been easy, but it has gotten easier. It's worth the decision to invest in yourself. Now, it's time to tackle some other bad habit of mine (yes, even Disciplinarians have a few).


I survived the grueling vending schedule of DomConLA, I'm proud to say. My store did quite well with the leather and pizzle lovers. Many folks got a real chuckle when they found out the rather large veiny looking things were really dried and stretched bull penises. I sold easily 2/3 of my pizzle inventory just for the novelty of beating someone with a 36" long cock.

I find that the DCLA crowd isn't into leather straps as an impact play toy as much as spankos, so I was disappointed when my gorgeous larger straps (Tongue, Terror, Snake Bite) went virtually unnoticed. :-( However, the canes and Twitchers flew off the table, and my smaller toys (Sting, Tawse & Nun Strap) did quite well when they realized how compact and portable they are. ;-) Huge thanks to anyone who stopped by, bought something or exchanged some safe smiles from behind masks.


Finally, I'm posting this unedited unpublished photo of a sweet little caning on a girly just to add a little spice at the end of this blog posting. I have been a happy camper lately with all the cold canings I've been getting to do. Thanks S! Enjoy!


Miss Chris

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Congratulations on three years of sobriety, it is never easy. You stand as an example to all who wonder, can I do it?

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