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Sp@nked by The Universe, Thy name is COVID

I've taken this opportunity to return to a more natural, authentic state. New retro glasses and vintage eye glass holder round out my evolving persona
Going Gray

Hello friends, fans and family, you last heard from me mid April, a month after losing my husband, and the advent of COVID. I wanted to keep you all updated with the things that were going on with Jenni and I, but my critical inner voice crept into the numerous times I sat down to write this blog posting. At times I was so full of emotions I could have burst, but the words on the page wouldn't come. No one wants to echo the darkness, and to be honest, I was so focused on keeping my head down, and putting one foot in front of the other for so many weeks, I lost count. But today is the very last day of a ridiculous year. Let's all forget about the trials and tribulations of 2020, and get back to the matter at HAND.


I've added a bunch of new toys to my Miss Chris Texas Toys etsy store ( over the last few months especially. My quality was good before, but it's truly outstanding now. I grind, I burnish, I polish and dye all my leather straps for symmetry and smooth clean edges. Letter customization is available in 3 different fonts/sizes. I enjoy doing bespoke work, learning about an individuals' tastes in order to recommend and craft the best toy for their purpose. Need something heavy and thuddy with a handle for a beginner? Maybe you need your toy to be ultra stingy and quiet as a mouse? Maybe you want it to look, sound and feel like a doubled over belt, intimidating as hell? Perhaps you would like to order a custom gift for that Top (or bottom) of your choosing with a specific color scheme, added decorations and features?

All of my leather is super high quality, Amish, latigo* saddle leather, that comes to you already broken in, buttery soft and with a delightful heft to the touch. I offer free domestic shipping, included strap or paddle bag, and a care and feeding kit. I'm currently running a holiday sale (that I will extend to my 50th birthday on January 15th) on my original Texas Saddle Straps, usually selling for $65 if you use coupon code SADDLESTRAPSALE2020 at checkout to get this amazing strap for 25% off!

* Latigo leather is leather that has been both vegetable tanned, and chrome tanned, followed by either light or heavy oiling. Latigo leather is meant for hard outdoor work like farming and ranching. It's the most durable type of leather, perfect for disciplinary straps and lovers of good quality broken in leather!


My etsy store is a natural expansion point, but I needed something a little less carpel tunnel-y on my hands so I'm realizing my dream of turning my playspace, Ironwood Terrace, into a "kinky bed and breakfast". I'm just about finished with the entire project (4 years in the making), which means Ironwood Terrace is just about ready to open for prime time business.

As a 100% dedicated and separate 1 bedroom apartment there are a whole host of scenarios I will be able to offer. Overnight/extended babysitting/role play scenes, multi-day interrogation/judicial scenes, individual/couple/small group extended specialty workshops, photo/video set rental, rental + lodging space for traveling Disciplinarians, kink friendly couples retreat, international discipline themed vacation spot, and that's just for starters! All you would have to do is get yourself to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport (10 minutes away). I'll pick you up, bring you to my space, where you will lodge and I return you to the airport for your return journey. No need for hotels, car rentals or public transportation, making your trip as contactless as possible. This antique riddled, vintage themed, 100% domestic/academic play space and all of its' trappings will be at our disposal. Memory foam mattresses, privacy-security windows/doors/screens, fully outfitted kitchen, black out curtains, a private bathroom and exit out to your own side patio, backyard access with pool and BBQ. Upgrade and add toy and clothing rental, nighttime "surveillance" service, social outings out, discreet semi-public play, and vanilla tours of Phoenix landmarks, plus whatever else our fantastically creative minds can concoct!


Although travelling is most likely off until I'm safely vaccinated, I have put some tentatively planned trips on my calendar, should conditions allow. In February 2021, the very first Shadow Lodge Party is slated to happen in Las Vegas. This merger between the legendary Shadow Lane parties hosted by Eve Howard, Butch Simms and the late Tony Elka, and the more intimate 50 Freaks party creates an oddly new yet old spanking event. I applaud Joe in putting effort into both carrying on a tradition, while also changing with the times to offer a new yet old, spanking experience in Las Vegas. Some groups have recently chosen to die off rather than pass the torch to another host, so this merger is especially near and dear to those of us who have been in the spanking party scene for more than a minute. It's my dearest hope and wish that this event comes off, in some capacity. If only for our sanity!

My next possible trip, and one that is more likely to come off, is to Dallas in June 2021 for the Texas All State Spanking Party. If Shadow Lodge doesn't happen in February, I'm going to be a rabid dog by the time the TASSP rolls around. I'll have to schedule a week of extra time to catch up with everyone, LOL. After that, the thrice rescheduled DomConLA in Los Angeles in August 2021 where I'm slated to vend my wares. Finally, if the stars align, I'll be in Chicago for the first Midwest Octoberfest (replacing Crimson Moon) in October 2021. Outside of events, I'm also considering going on more weekend road trips to places within a days travel of Phoenix. Some possibilities are Albuquerque, San Diego, Tucson, LA, or the Reno/Lake Tahoe area. If you would like to see me come to your nearby town, please vote for it on my Destination Poll (

The truth of the matter is that I simply won't be able to travel as much as I did in the past. With a very spoiled special needs cat, one less person to "hold down the fort" and a certain lack of desire to leave the house at the moment, my trips will require a lot of prior planning or a very generous sponsor!


So, from my family to yours on this New Year's Eve, I wish you a much better 2021 than the Universe has blessed us with in 2020. Regardless of what happened this year, the future is bright and ROSY RED.

Bottom warmingly,

Miss Chris, Jenni, moki and the Furry Four

Can't post without the requisite bare bottom shot!

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Been thinking about you and your family--may you have a way better 2020 (has been a very strange year anyway). Won't be coming around to Ironwood Terrace until I'm vaccinated as I am high risk. But looking forward to your amazing plans. This naughy boy is way way overdue.


Amy B
Amy B

Miss Chris,

I was so excited when I received your email. 2020 was a tough year, especially for you, and you will always will be in my thoughts and prayers! I’m looking so forward to meeting and setting up a session with you this year. i Will message you soon and go through the process of getting an Appointment. Take care ❤️


Have prayed for you often this past year Miss Chris. I enjoyed your post and am excited about your new kinky b-n-b (which is, as usual, sheer genius). Also liked to the new stuff on your Etsy site. Might be time to do a little after-Christmas shopping for bad little boys.

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