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Spank Therapy

My dressing room on the set of The Doctors

I'm sitting here at LAX waiting for my flight back home after a very quick turnaround trip to Hollywood, where I was asked to talk about "Spanking Therapy", or the health benefits of TTWD (this thing we do).

The entire process, from receiving the original email, to the phone interviews, to the travel arrangements to the actual taping, took less than one week, so forgive me if I didn't give you a heads up. When the segment airs I will post the date, time and channel.

Although we kept the topic lighthearted, I was able to steer the questions to the health benefits of spanking, focusing on stress relief, and guilt release. I was able to reference the work of Dr. Brad Sagarin and his Science of BDSM project, which has proven that play reduces the amount of the stress hormone cortisol in our systems. I was also able to touch on using spanking to alleviate anxiety and depression, and that age regressive discipline role plays can bring some closure to the guilty.

I made sure to inform people that although we call it Spank Therapy, I am not a counselor, therapist or doctor, and that individuals should always check in with doctors before endeavoring to use spanking for past trauma issues.

The highlight of the show (for me) was that I got to spank all 3 doctors during the show! The 2 male doctors went OTK (one of them in their suit and tie, how hot!!), and the female doctor bent over my raised knee for hers. Of course, I haven't seen any of the footage, but I was told by a production assistant who saw it, that the spanking photos will go "viral" with their audience. I can't wait to see it for myself!


Miss Chris

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Can’t wait to see this :)

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