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Spanko Intensive @ APEX

This past weekend Spank U partnered with the Arizona Power Exchange to bring the Phoenix Metro area the country's largest pansexual spanking educational event in history with a whole weekends worth of spanking related activities and classes.

Friday January 19

APEX officially kicked off the weekend with a New Member Orientation on Friday night. New members were oriented, and qualified to come to the spanking party on Saturday night. After orientation, the group migrated to Rewined wine and beer bar in midtown Phoenix for a social with spanky friends. We had folks show up from as far away as Mesa for our Spanko social. And the venue was one we will frequent again as it was colorful, friendly and welcoming to our group.

Saturday January 20

Doors opened at 9am for the presenters and vendors to set up, but class itself started at 10am with my Intro to the Spanking Scene presentation. We did have members in the audience that didn't realize the Spanking Scene is a community all onto it's own. The perfect starter to the day, class went for an hour before our first break.

Next up, Miss Rose taught her From Tiny to Tall: Topping them All class on spanking play between folks of different sizes. Miss Rose incorporated some demos into her class, the eye candy was impressive, and flesh was on display. After Miss Roses class, we broke for sandwiches and vending before beginning on the afternoon slots.

Ms Gloryus was up with part one of her uniquely styled Caning class. More flesh was on display as Ms G plied her subs with stroke after stroke with her own handmade canes. Finishing up with her dance of the cane to music, folks were so enthusiastic about caning that Ms Gloryus had her hands full during the final time slot of the day, the hands on interactive portion where folks could practice their newly gained skills.

Classes having ended, and a break for dinner happened before the spanking party that night back at APEX. I had 3 lovely caning scenes on Saturday night, huge thanks to my bottoms for their volunteering.

Sunday January 21

Back at the dungeon by 10am for the restart of classes, this time with Miss Rose pulling first shift and class with her infamous Pussy Paddling class. She had an enthusiastic demo bottom who offered up her thighs and naughty bits for an unconventional spanking. We are so appreciative of both Miss Roses expertise in this area and S's willingness to volunteer. Miss sold a number of her Pussy Pops after the class.

Second class was my Role Play for Spankos class. I've been teaching this for over 15 years now, and this was a fantastically participative group when it came to role play. I always learn new things about the content when I present this, and Sunday was no different. I'm always jazzed when I get to talk about our Victorian Dollification scene at Thunder in the Mountains back in 2010, which was a pivotal scene between Jenni and I back in our early years. Using this scene as an example always brings back such sweet memories we love to share with our friends at events.

Another catered lunch and more vending ended the morning sessions, so afterwards Ms Gloryus was up with her Advanced Caning material. And man, she didn't disappoint! Many enthusiastic caners stepped up to the plate during the final slot of the day, more interactive mentoring on canes, role play and paddles.

The event ended on a high note by 330pm on Sunday afternoon. Hugs thanks to the presenters, Miss Rose and Ms Gloryus, APEX and the staff for a great venue and party. Thanks to my girls Jenni and Kelly who supported me through a sometimes frustrating facilitation to bring this series of spanking events to you and the Phoenix kink community. Hope to see y'all again soon!


Miss Chris

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