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Testi-moan-ials & Other Fine Upgrades

Hello fellow Spankaholics, there is just so much going on here at Ironwood Terrace, I don't know even where to begin! So, I guess I'll just dive right in with the first thing that comes to mind.

I've been in this business for over 15 years, and over those years I've managed to collect many hundreds of very special testimonials. Most of them sadly have been lost to forced website updates and website migrations. But I have managed to pull together all the ones I have and have finally found a "widget" that will show them. So, I would love to announce my new Testimonials page!

If you have a story to tell regarding an encounter you have had with me, please join in the fun and write a little note telling others what happened and how you felt. I would be honored to welcome many different comments.


While a 1.5% increase of transaction fees doesn't sound like a lot, our margins are so tight it makes a difference. Couple that with the shipping increases that in some cases triples the cost to get product to the customer and you are hearing the death knell of my Etsy store and those like mine. According to stats, my income is down 11% year over year although visits are up. I can no longer offer coupons or specials of any kind. I can no longer afford to ship anything over 24".

Please support local, support kinky and support Etsy artisans by buying. Start here:


That's right, my trips to Newark (confirmed) followed by Portland (tentative), are coming up. You don't want to miss me, I promise. My Spank Therapy sessions are going gang busters in locations far and wide. Do you need a good cathartic spanking followed by a good cleansing cry? Let me work my magic on you.

I'll be in the NEWARK, NJ area between September 15-19, 2022. For discretion, I will be staying in a private vacation rental five minutes away from a train stop, so very accessible. I'm already 85% booked for this trip, and it's two weeks away, so inquire soon if you want to take that trip over my knee.

ANNOUNCEMENT: If bookings don't take off, I will have to cancel my PORTLAND, OR area trip between October 13-17, 2022. To be honest, I've never had such a low booking rate for any location. What's up with Portland spankos? Pacific North Westerners come on, let's get moving, you have two weeks or else the trip will be cancelled entirely, I'm afraid.


This last announcement I've been dragging my heels on for quite a while, because I absolutely hate this part of my incredible job. I purposefully hadn't raised my prices after COVID, or my Husband's passing, but this inflation and increased shipping fees I'm having to eat are really undermining my bottom line, so the inevitable will sadly happen. I'm raising my per hourly fees as well as my package deals and what they include. I've redesigned my Online Store with these new fees in mind. You can find everything here:

Enjoy the picture, gang! And I'll see you soon, as many more updates will be coming your way!


Miss Chris

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