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Thanks TN & DC, Hello Chicago!

Huge thanks to the bottoms I saw in Nashville, including this gorgeous freckled one, during my recent trip for a family fundraiser. I had a blast in Tennessee, between the incredible farm land rental I stayed at, to the great people I met, to the pervertables I bought to use on naughty tushies! In the words of Arnold Schwarzenagger, "I'll be back", hopefully in 2022.


The below image is one of the vintage items I found while hitting various antique malls in the Nashville area, which is a personal passion of mine. This rug beater went up for sale in my shop (Miss Chris' Texas Toys) while I was still in TN, but sold within a day! I have other lovely pervertables in my store right now, and my inventory changes virtually daily.


Before I left for Nashville, I uploaded a small clip to my website I wanted to share here. This 5 minute clip is from a judicial strapping role play scenario I captured on my July Washington DC trip. "Cold Prison Strapping" features The London Tanners Texas Prison Strap.


Finally, I have a trip to Chicago coming up mid October. Between Oct 14-18 I'll be staying by O'Hare airport accepting a limited number of sessions and hanging with spanko family. I do have a couple of appointments left so if you're interested in seeing me on my only trip to Chicago this year, please holler at me at

Hoping your summer was enjoyable, and your fall will be filled with spanking!


Miss Chris

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